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San Antonio Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you have been in a Motorcycle Accident in San Antonio you need to call The Cesar Ornelas Law Firm. Make sure you get every penny you deserve. As much as you love riding your bike. Whether you had to set your bike down and you walked away or you are in the hospital, you need a lawyer NOW.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in San Antonio, Tx

The wind in your face. The rumble of the exhaust. The smell of your leathers. The freedom of the open road with you on your bike. A good night’s sleep after a long hard day of riding. But that didn’t happen, not this time. It happened in the blink of an eye. Some driver was not paying enough attention which caused a Motorcycle Accident. They didn’t check their mirrors. They didn’t hear your exhaust. They were reckless, not you.

Seek Legal Help From An Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

Your medical bills are piling up quickly. The driver’s lawyers that work for the big insurance company aren’t waiting to call you, so why should you wait to get a good lawyer that is dedicated to getting what you deserve right now? You can’t wait to get the legal help you need.
The Cesar Ornelas Law Firm loves making sure you get every penny you deserve as much as you love riding your bike. Whether you had to set your bike down and you walked away or you are in the hospital, you need a lawyer NOW.

Why Do You Need a San Antonio Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

On average, auto accidents claim the lives of around 32,000 people a year in the United States. Furthermore, two million people suffer injuries in automotive accidents. Anyone involved in an accident should seek an El Paso auto accident lawyer – even if they’re not planning on suing somebody and only need help to make a claim from their insurance company.

San Antonio Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

San Antonio Insurance Companies Are Not Friends

It seems that the insurance companies try to paint every motorcyclist as a reckless speed demon. Cesar Ornelas knows that you are a responsible rider and that you deserve to have your damages and injuries compensated. So, why do most bike accidents happen?

  • Drunk Drivers – Drunks are the scourge of the open roads. Even if someone isn’t impaired but is “driving buzzed,” their ability to operate that motor vehicle is impaired. Drinking makes people aggressive, so maybe they didn’t cut you off or “brake check” you accidentally.
  • Blind Spots – Motorists get complacent driving in cages of steel, so they don’t bother to drive safely and check for people that share the road with them. Whether you got sideswiped and had to lay your bike down or get in an accident because you had to slam on your brakes, you got hurt and need help
  • Road Conditions – You can drive anywhere and suffer from bad road conditions. Did you come upon a pothole or loose gravel that you weren’t expecting? Did you swerve to avoid it but got hit by a driver that wasn’t paying attention?
  • Distracted Driving – If it wasn’t bad enough bikers have had to deal with drunks and people not checking their mirrors, now we have people driving their cars and playing on their cell phones. It seems people are more interested in their Facebook feed than they are your safety. While they are busy updating their status, they didn’t pay attention and caused you to wreck. You deserve to get compensated.
  • Speeding – Speed is cited as a factor in almost every accident. At high speeds, motorcycle drivers can be affected severely by the wind from vehicles passing too closely, road conditions, and reduced reaction times of other drivers.
  • Mechanical Issues – While modern bikes are better built than they were in the past, some manufacturer defects and design flaws still get through. If a mechanical issue caused an accident, it could also open up a product liability lawsuit.

Look For Compensation From:

Your bike got damaged and you deserve to have it fixed. However, that isn’t likely your only expense. You may also have:

  • Pain and suffering
  • The countless time and expense you spent customizing your bike
  • Loss of Use
  • Tattoo repair
  • Damaged gear like your helmet and cut
  • Medical bills, hospital and doctor expenses, even future care
  • You need to make sure to find a lawyer that won’t just view you as a biker, but a person that has rights and needs. No matter where you are, the Cesar Ornelas Law Firm is here for you! Your bills aren’t waiting, why should you?

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in San Antonio?

Following a motorcycle accident, there are several types of evidence you are going to want to secure. The first is going to be getting a police report from the officer who responds to your phone call following the crash because the police report will often be the main source of material that both the negligent party’s insurance company and your own lawyer will rely on.

When it is possible, you should try to take as many photographs of your crash scene as you possibly can, and get pictures from varying angles and distances. You can never take too many photographs, so be absolutely sure to get as many pictures as you can or have somebody else you know, such as a friend, family member, or coworker, do this for you if you are unable to do it yourself because of the need for medical attention.

Seek Medical Attention Right Away!

Always seek medical attention after a motorcycle accident, even if you do not think that you were hurt. Remember that many injuries will involve delayed symptoms, so you might not feel the effects of an injury until days or even weeks after an accident.

More importantly, a medical record will prove invaluable to your injury claim because it will document the injuries you suffered with tremendous specificity. A doctor is going to be able to outline the kinds of subsequent treatment you are going to require, which can be very beneficial when you are seeking financial compensation for future medical bills in addition to the past ones you are already being billed for.

Finally, try to compile a record of the wages that you are losing because of your accident. Any kind of evidence demonstrating time away from work will be incredibly beneficial.

Many people want to recover their compensation as quickly as possible because of the staggering number of bills they are facing following crashes, but you cannot race to close your case too quickly. When an insurance company for a negligent party contacts you and offers you a lump-sum settlement to resolve your case, you really need to ask yourself whether the proposed settlement is going to be enough to cover all of your past, present, and future bills because chances are very good that it will not.

Types of Motorcycle Accident Claims in San Antonio, Texas.

The best time to get an attorney is immediate. Once you seek medical attention for your injuries, you should be on the phone. There are many occasions where it’s important to get an auto accident lawyer in order to get the appropriate help. Filing a claim without a lawyer means you could be missing out on the full amount of compensation you’re entitled to.

  • Serious Injuries: If you’re in a crash where a person involved has been seriously injured, you’ll need the services of a car accident lawyer. Examples of serious injuries include broken bones and anything that’s likely to be permanent in nature.
  • Death: Accidents that result in death, whether someone was in a vehicle or a pedestrian, should be dealt with by an attorney.
  • Fault: If you’re struggling to determine who is at fault, you could benefit from legal guidance.
  • Accidents in a Construction Zone: Accidents that happen in a construction zone can often be fatal. If a worker is hit by a truck or other large vehicle, heavy fines and penalties can be issued. An auto accident lawyer can help you resolve this.
  • Inaccurate Police Reports: Police reports are important pieces of evidence in the compensation claim process. Having a police report filed that you think isn’t entirely accurate can really hinder things for you and prevent you from getting the result you deserve.
  • Issues with Insurance: If any of the drivers who are involved in an accident don’t have sufficient insurance, or your insurer suggests your car insurance limits are too low, a legal expert can help you resolve this.

Making a Claim on Your Insurance in San Antonio Area

A professional El Paso Auto Accident Lawyer can ensure that you get the most from your vehicle insurance. Things can be a little dramatic after a car, truck, motorcycle or commercial vehicle accident and people often make rash decisions. After being involved in an accident you should consider speaking to a legal professional as soon as possible; even before you contact your insurance provider.

This can help you to avoid making any mistakes that turn out to be costly. Getting an attorney can lead to you receiving a substantially larger settlement than going it alone. Insurance providers know that they’re likely to face much higher charges when there are lawyers involved.

Seek Legal Assistance from Motorcycle Accident in San Antonio.

If you’re hurt in an accident, you’re entitled to compensation. In Texas, there is no limit on what you are able to claim in regards to your pain & suffering, so get legal assistance and get the most from your claim.

While many people tend to think that they do not need to hire lawyers because they can simply settle cases on their own, the same people end up leaving significant amounts of money on the table and then find themselves powerless to obtain any more compensation later on when they realize the settlements they accepted were not sufficient. By hiring a motorcycle accident attorney, you will be giving yourself the best possible chance of recovering as much money as possible for your injuries.

You also do not need to worry about paying a personal injury lawyer anything upfront for their services because most attorneys handle these cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that the lawyer only recovers a percentage of whatever your final award is – and not recovering anything means that they will get paid nothing. It also means that an attorney will be very motivated to ensure you get a significant award.