Why Should I Seek Help from an Injury Lawyer?

What Are Some Good Reasons To Hire An Injury Lawyer?

Whether you have insurance coverage or not, these types of accidents call for expert advice and representation on your behalf. Anytime you are injured due to someone else’s fault or neglect, you should seek help from an injury lawyer you trust right away to find out of you have a legitimate claim for recompense of any type. Listed below are 12 of the most common reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer.

  1. Car accident injuries
  2. Commercial vehicle accidents
  3. Wrongful death
  4. Trucking accidents
  5. Spinal injuries
  6. Oil field injuries
  7. Catastrophic injuries
  8. Workplace injuries
  9. Refinery explosions
  10. Oil rig explosions
  11. Premises liability
  12. Product liability

Should I Seek A Lawyer’s Help?

Victims in these cases are overwhelmed with increasing medical costs, loss of income, pain, suffering, legal matters, mental stress and not knowing what to do about it all. Wouldn’t you want to gain peace of mind by having someone be your advocate and fight for your rights? Perhaps you think your injury would not qualify for compensation.

A qualified injury lawyer would definitely let you know what can be done in your individual case to help you legally and monetarily now and in the future pertaining to the repercussions of your accident, what your insurance should cover, and various rights you have as an injury recipient.

Where Can I Find A Lawyer I Can Trust?

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these listed situations, contact Cesar Ornelas, a tried-and-true attorney who will not let you down. He will listen to your story and evaluate your circumstances at your first visit with a FREE CONSULTATION. He and his team are waiting to help you in every way possible to get what you deserve.

How Can I Receive Fair Compensation?

Greater compensation can be yours as your lawyer works with your insurance or recovers monetary damages from the responsible party. You alone would not have the knowledge nor the years of experience that a lawyer and his investigative staff would have to help you. Your personal injury attorney will better negotiate the best possible settlement and pursue appropriate, effective legal actions for you to recover the damages you are owed.

What About Filing A Claim On My Insurance?

Cesar Ornelas Law Firm will know what you need now and in the future. You cannot assume your insurance company will serve your best interests. They more than likely will try to pay you the least amount they can. You may not even know what they offer you is fair coverage for your personal settlement circumstances. Insurance companies have multiple lawyers and injury law experts to represent them. You need expertise on your side. Cesar and his team have handled thousands of cases and have wide-based experience and knowledge to do what is legally necessary to ensure your needs are met.

Injured in an Accident? Call Cesar.

Seek help from an injury lawyer like Cesar Ornelas Law as soon as possible. Don’t keep procrastinating. The sooner you talk to a lawyer the better chance you have to be successful in getting the help you need, even more than you may expect.

Call today! 210-981-4890 or toll-free 855-827-2892. Also, you can go to Ornelas Law Firm’s website for a 24/7 contact form that you can fill out and send it to the main office for a quick response. Make that appointment for your FREE CONSULTATION. See what Cesar can do for you!


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