A Diving Accident Survivor’s Mission

A Diving Accident Survivor’s Mission

Like many water-sports enthusiasts, Jennifer Crowell and her friends enjoy spending time on lakes or rivers on a boat. One day in 2008, they decided to go on one of these outings near Big Rapids, MI. While enjoying the day, Jennifer thought she would like to go swimming. She did not think to check the water’s depth before taking the plunge nor did she expect to be in a diving accident.

Jennifer’s Accident

Crowell’s life and world around her changed in a split second when she dove into only a foot of water. After being rushed to the hospital, Jennifer became aware that the incident had left her paralyzed.

“Lots of pain, it was very hard to get through many days…but they never gave up on me,” says Crowell.

It was the staff at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Grand Rapids that worked with Jennifer for the next several months with many hours of therapy and rehabilitation. Nurses, speech therapists, doctors–daily were in her hospital room doing what they could to encourage Jennifer and to help her learn how she could live life to the fullest under her new challenges and lifestyle changes.

Water Safety Is Important

After a lot of hard effort and determination, today Jennifer works and lives an active life. With a special wheelchair and equipment, she hikes and goes kayaking. But, that’s not all. Jennifer has also made it a personal mission to talk to people, especially younger ones, about water safety. Some of her advice includes to always dive in feet first, limit alcohol consumption and always check your surroundings, especially the water’s depth.

“You’d rather take 5 minutes out of your time to know what is around where you are going to be jumping than a lifetime in possibly a wheelchair,” says Crowell.

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