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San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer

San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer
Have you been injured because of someone else’s negligence and are wondering if you should contact a San Antonio personal injury lawyer? Every day in Texas someone is the victim of another person’s negligent or reckless behavior. According to Texas law, if you are a victim you are entitled to compensation, but no one is going to offer it to you. Instead, you need a personal injury attorney like Cesar Ornelas who is willing to fight for you.

At the Cesar Ornelas Law firm, we support all victims and are willing to take everyone from small parties to large insurance companies to court. We believe that you deserve compensation for any emotional, physical, or mental trauma you have suffered at the hands of another, and we are going to fight for you.

Many people are hesitant to reach out for help from a San Antonio personal injury law firm because they are afraid of the associated costs, but at Cesar Ornelas Law Firm you never have to worry about costs. We offer our legal support without any attached out of pocket costs. We only get paid if you get paid, which means we are motivated to make sure that you have your day in court.

San Antonio injury attorneys see a wide variety of cases daily, which is why you need to seek out a San Antonio injury law firm with extensive experience like Cesar Ornelas. We have worked with clients who have been injured in every way imaginable from car crashes to dog bites to medical malpractice. The bottom line is if someone else’s poor decisions led to your accident, we will help you find the monetary support to regain your life.

Cesar Ornelas can tackle the toughest personal injury cases and is a San Antonio personal injury attorney with years of local experience. He knows his way around the local courtrooms, which means that he is the San Antonio personal injury lawyer that you want on your side. Some of the many cases that he handles include trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, oil field injuries, brain injuries, wrongful death, premises liability, and more.

If you think that you have been the victim of an injury that could have been prevented, contact the Cesar Ornelas law firm today. Every day across the United States and Texas people are being harmed, and they deserve fair compensation. In Texas, certain personal injury cases are more common than others, but that doesn’t mean that your injury doesn’t count. It just means that you need a personal injury attorney that is ready to fight for you.

Every minute someone is being injured through no fault of their own in Texas, and today it maybe you. In 2018 the Texas Department of Transportation reported 49,191 crashes in Bexar County. Out of those there were 180 fatalities and 777 severe injuries. There were other 20,000+ injuries reported. It is estimated that a crash occurs roughly every two minutes, and at some point in your life, you will likely become a victim.

According to, Texas is the number one state for reported dog bite injuries and fatalities and reported that an astounding 34 Texans were mauled to death by out of control dogs. Bexar County was second for fatal dog attacks. While the chance of being involved in a dog bite is still low compared to other injuries if you are attacked you are owed damages and medical compensation for your injuries.

The CDC reported in 2018 there were an estimated 28,028,762 non-fatal gunshot injuries across the US. Most non-fatal gunshot injuries were not in self-defense, but instead were accidents that occurred at or near the property of gun owners. If you were the victim of one of these gunshots, then you are entitled to compensation.

The CDC also released the 10 leading causes of nonfatal emergency department visits in the United States, and leading the list is “unintentional fall”. Known as slip-and-fall cases by personal injury attorneys, if you fall on someone else’s property because of their negligence then you are entitled to fair compensation in a Texas court.

These are just a few of the many situations that may leave you in need of a San Antonio personal injury lawyer. The bottom line is that if you have been injured you need a San Antonio personal injury attorney and Cesar Ornelas is here to help. Available 24/7, contact us via our free online intake form or give us a call to discuss how we can help you following an injury.