Semi Truck Rolls Over to a Gas Station on the Northeast Side

San Antonio, TX

Semi Truck Rolls Over to a Gas Station on the Northeast Side

A semi-truck driver suffered several severe injuries after rolling over at a gas station on Monday morning. Three people in total were transported to a local hospital, according to the San Antonio police department.

The truck flipped over around 10:30 a.m. at the Shell station, located on O’Connor Road and I-35.

At noon, The San Antonio Police Department gave an update, saying that the driver was hauling pavement materials on I-35 and lost control of the rig. The truck began to roll over and crashed into the Shell Station.

Among those transported to the hospital was the truck driver and two other men with minor injuries as a precaution. One was in his work vehicle at the time of the crash.

At the time of the incident, Mario Keller, the owner of Keller Industries, said his company was doing work at the Circle K at the Shell station. Able to give an update from the scene, Keller stated that one of his work trucks was pushed into the store by the crash’s impact, causing tools to be spilled out all over.

Keller reported that his two employees were taken to Northeast Baptist Hospital to be checked out.

The store will most likely be closed because of the damage, SAPD said. Some personal vehicles were also damaged.

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