Cesar Ornelas Law to Provide Free Legal Services for El Paso Shooting Victims

It’s important for businesses to show that they care about the community they call home. It’s one thing saying it, but showing it is another thing all together. Cesar Ornelas Law believes that showing your community a little appreciation is all part of running a business.

Unfortunately, most businesses have a tendency to just take part in charitable causes for a bit of media exposure or to make their business a bit more visible to locals. However, the team at Cesar Ornelas Law do it out of a love for the locals and for a community that’s patronage has helped them to grow to be in such an influential position.

Support for the Victims of the El Paso Shooting

The El Paso shooting was one of the most tragic events to take place on United States’ soil in modern history. Countless lives were irreversibly changed by the actions of the gunman and the community is still in shock.

22 lives were lost on the morning of August 3rd. Family, friends, colleagues, left with holes in their lives that may never be filled. What should have been an unmemorable trip to the store ended up becoming one of the most harrowing events of the victim’s and their loved one’s lives.

The aftermath of the shooting was a community left in tatters. Everybody wanted to chip in and do their bit to support the locals whose lives were impacted by the tragedy. The team at Cesar Ornelas Law were truly shocked by the incident and vowed to do whatever they could to honor the victims, their families, and the first responders who arrive on the scene.

On August 10th the team at Cesar Ornelas Law spent their day ensuring that the service men and women participating in the El Paso Memorial Run. The run was held to honor the lives of the victims, and raise money to help to support the victim’s families. The service men and women completed the entire run in the Texan heat while wearing their full gear.

Free Legal Services for El Paso Shooting Victims

The team at Cesar Ornelas Law knew that there was something they could do to support the victims and their families. By providing them with free legal support, a huge weight is lifted from their shoulders. It’s understandable that people involved would need time off work to emotionally recover. Having no income and facing substantial legal bills is a situation that nobody wants to be in, especially after such a terrible tragedy.

“We are one family on the border — El Paso, Juárez, Southern New Mexico — and we must come together to help our families in this most horrific time of need,” owner Cesar Ornelas said in a news release. “Our law firm stands ready to help all the families for free who lost loved ones, whether they be U.S. or Mexican citizens, during this time of absolute sorrow. The last thing we want our grieving families to worry about is how they will pay legal costs or how to navigate the law regarding a death of a loved one.”

The team at Cesar Ornelas Law pride themselves on their community outreach, and are proud to support the victims in the best way that they can.


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