Can You Avoid Car Accidents?

With all the traffic on our US roadways, one is likely to be in a car accident sooner or later.* There are many variables that play into accidents happening. The more ways you are aware of how to avoid car accidents, the better prepared you will be to avert experiencing tragedy.

Let’s first start with what you can do to be prepared inside your vehicle:

  • Buckle seatbelts – even as a passenger in the back seat
  • Don’t allow anyone’s feet up on the dashboard
  • Make sure headrests are adjusted to individuals’ heads and heads are as close to the headrests as possible
  • Don’t be seated too close to the steering wheel
  • Keep at least one hand on the steering wheel at all times
  • Diminish in-car distractions as much as possible – fiddling with car radio or CDs or cell phones, eating, putting on makeup, reaching into the back seat, passengers talking loudly or acting out, a crowded car with too many passengers per seatbelts

Now let’s be mindful of accident-prone situations outside your vehicle:

  • Slow down when pulling into traffic to able to stop, look, and listen – being alert at all times
  • Look out for blind spots with rearview and side mirrors as well as highway signs that may be blocking your sight – also turn your head to look just to be extra safe, especially when turning or changing lanes
  • Watch for drivers who run red lights, counting to three seconds before entering an intersection on a green light
  • Look for kids and animals that can suddenly appear from behind parked cars or highway signs
  • Be mindful of the flow of traffic in case there is an accident on the road ahead of you
  • Stay off the “fast lane” whenever possible, as the center and right lanes offer safer areas and the most available “escape” routes if there happens to be an emergency
  • Avoid tailgating as following too closely does not allow enough time to stop before hitting the vehicle in front of you – allow a 3-second lead in good weather and a 5-second lead in bad weather between your car and the one in front of you at all times
  • Stay off roads after dark because of these important reasons: difficulty seeing, the fatigue of driver, encountering drunk drivers
  • Check weather forecasts before heading out on the road to avoid icy conditions, heavy fog, and severe rain/hail conditions
  • Allow extra time to reach your destination so that you don’t feel the need to speed above the highway speed limits, which are calculated to prevent accidents, not just to agitate you
  • Pay attention to other drivers near you, noting their behaviors and actions
  • Check twice both ways when turning in case you missed someone or something the first time

Here are more ways you can prevent a car accident that is crucial:

  • Maintain your vehicle on a regular basis – tires’ condition, oil changes, brake checks, windshield wipers, etc.
  • Know your car and don’t exceed its limits in safe speed and stopping capabilities

*How many car accidents per day in the US? Amar Esq. PLLC has a great article on how many car accidents there are per day.

That may seem like a lot of information to absorb, but most of it you probably already know. It is always good to be reminded of these safeguards in case you have become complacent or negligent at all. This is also a good list to share with new, inexperienced drivers to help them become aware of situations they can avoid perhaps to save their lives or others’ lives or to evade life-changing injuries.

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