Fewer Accidents with COVID-19 Restrictions? Not So

One would expect the number of vehicular accidents to drastically decrease while many drivers have been staying home due to the COVID-19 restrictive guidelines. Millions of drivers have been off the roads, cutting traffic down to approximately one-half in the major cities nationwide. This all should result in fewer accidents with COVID-19 restrictions in place, right?

In actuality, deaths are still occurring on states’ roads at basically the same rate as over the past two decades. In March of 2020, police records revealed 241 fatalities on our nation’s highways, when only about half of the capacity of drivers were active. Compared to 305 fatalities in 2019, about half the miles traveled resulted in only a 21% decrease from 2020. Why?

According to a Facebook post on April 11, 2020, Ed Gonzales, Harris County Sheriff, Houston Police Department, veteran and former city of Houston Mayor Pro-Tem stated the following:

“It’s concerning to me that we have less cars on the roadway, yet crashes are still occurring.”

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is still being called to crashes on a daily basis-not what we want to see. Many of the crashes occurred during non-essential trips. While there is less traffic on the road, some of the drivers are still displaying undesirable behavior, including speeding.

Just because there’s less traffic on the road, it does not mean road rules have changed. Just because there are fewer cars on the road, it doesn’t mean you can treat it like a race track.

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Read more in the Houston Chronicle.


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