What Happens When There’s No Police Report After a Car Accident?

There are about 60,000 motor vehicle crashes in the San Antonio area each year. For many of these, law enforcement responds and files a police report. However, there are some instances when the involved parties agree to not alert the police. What Happens When There’s No Police Report After a Car Accident?

If you’ve been involved in an accident where a police report wasn’t filed, you may be wondering what you can do to recover. We are going to help understand what happens after an accident when you don’t have a police report.

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File a Driver’s Crash Report

If there was no police report created at the time of the accident, then you have 10 days to file a Driver’s Crash Report. You’re required to fill out and submit one of these forms if you satisfy one of these requirements.

  • The accident resulted in physical injuries or death
  • The accident caused property damage valued at $1,000 or more

Make a copy of your completed form for your own records and then send the original to the Texas Department of Transportation.

Penalty for Not Reporting the Accident

You risk having your driver’s license suspended if you fail to file a report when your accident meets one of the above requirements.

Filing an Insurance Claim Without a Police Report

Filing a claim with an insurance company is much easier when you have a police report. But you can still make a claim without one; you’ll need to provide more information that the police report would have provided. It can also take the insurance company longer to process your claim.

Speak With an Attorney 

If you plan to seek compensation for your property damage or injuries, then it’s best to seek legal representation first. An attorney that works in San Antonio is familiar with the local laws and court system. They will be able to assess the circumstances surrounding your accident and the likelihood of recovery.

Once you hire an attorney, they will be able to help you gather the appropriate evidence to make your claim. Without a police report, you need to be able to provide evidence that supports your version of events.

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Comparative Negligence Law 

The state of Texas follows a comparative negligence law. This means that you can only recover as the injured party if you’re less than 51% at fault for the accident. If you’re 50% at fault or less than you can recover, but your award amount will reflect your at-fault percentage.

Because of this, your attorney will want to show that you contributed to the accident as little as possible. They will do this by submitting evidence of the damage sustained, road conditions, and testimony from you and the other driver.

Seek Compensation After Your Accident 

Some circumstances don’t require you to file a police report after an accident, but it’s best to do so in all situations. Having a police report provides a single document with all of the relevant information pertaining to the accident.

Whether you have a police report or not, it’s best to speak with an attorney post-accident.

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