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Christmas is upon us, and it is a fun time to share the festivities with family and friends. While we dive into the merry mood, it is critical to think about the less fortunate and society’s needy. That is why Cesar Ornelas Law Firm is proud to have taken part in the “Miracle in 3rd Street” Toy Drive parade that took place in the city of Pecos.

At Cesar Ornelas Law, our clients and the community are at the core of what we do; they are our passion. We are committed to making a difference in our community members’ lives, and we were delighted to have been part of this Christmas-themed toy drive parade for a greater course. The Town of Pecos City is where we operate, and blending in and sharing moments with the children was a heart-warming experience for our team members and everyone else involved.

Here Comes Santa and his Helpers

Ever watched the movie “Recess Christmas: Miracle on Third Street.” Three friends head home, escaping from a snowstorm when they get trapped in a snowbank. They start blaming the misfortune on T.J and the Gang, although T.J and their friends were nowhere near the area. Guess what, the only people they never expected, T.J and the Gang, come to their rescue.

Just like Peter, Muriel, and Alordayne were rescued from their misfortune, Cesar Ornelas Law Firm is committed to providing support to our lovely kids and make them have a reason to grin about Christmas; a no better way to do that than letting them see Santa himself.

Cesar Ornelas Law, in conjunction with Los Carnales Motorcycle Company, brought Santa on his cart, complete with his beloved reindeer and his little elf. The motorcycle company followed Santa’s entourage, adding an aggressive exhaust sound to the parade that brought Father Christmas to West Texas.

Our team members were fully dressed for the holiday-themed vent, adorning in red, white, and green suits to match the mood. Our law firm donated more than 400 toys that we were happy handing out to the children, alongside Santa and his lovely elf. As a community event, the Miracle on Third Street toy drive also catered to struggling families during challenging economic times. You can donate too!

Spreading the Holiday Love Amid the Pandemic

The COVID-19 health crisis has made 2020 a difficult year for everyone, adults, and children alike. After spending months in lockdowns, yesterday’s event marked a turning point – a reminder that there is still hope, joy, and faith in the world without seeing each other. We only have to share them.

To extend the positive vibes of the Miracle on Third Street, the Toy Drive was accepting donations that would go toward a gift giveaway, scheduled to take place in December at a later date. The event will be a replica of what happened yesterday in Pecos – Santa and his helpers will be present to give away the presents to the participating children.

You can be part of the toy drive program by supporting the toy store’s course of sharing the Christmas mood with needy children and families. Feel free to give out your donations, and the proceeds will be channeled to fund the vent in other local toy drives in the San Antonio Metro Area.


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