Smartphone Features That Could Save Your Life

Smartphone technology has become so integral in making our lives more efficient. With applications for nearly anything you can think of, we have more open communication with the world and knowledge than ever before. As smart technology has grown, safety and health concerns have grown with it. Most people don’t know just how many features and apps smartphones support that can provide extra safety and security in your everyday lives. 

Cesar Ornelas Law wants to help our community avoid as many accidents and dangerous situations as we can. When you know how responsive and attuned your smartphone can be, you’ll be able to use it effectively to call for help when you need it. Danger usually comes at unexpected times, but with these simple features, you can feel safe and supported when something does happen.

Emergency SOS Settings

Every smartphone is designed with certain security features. According to the law, every phone must be capable of calling 911 in case of emergency, but most Smartphones have even more emergency settings. Knowing about these settings could actually save your life if you are in a dangerous situation or have been injured and need assistance.

Hold The Side and Volume Button

All iPhone models from the iPhone 8 and on are set to produce an emergency call slider on your screen if you hold down the side and volume button together. If you are unable to slide the bar to make the emergency call, keep holding the buttons down and wait for a countdown on your phone that will automatically call 911 for you. Your phone will vibrate during the countdown to let you know it is working. 

This setting cannot be turned off on your phone and simply releasing the buttons will stop the countdown if you make a mistake!

Press Side or Top Button 5 Times

All models of iPhones – including older versions – are built to bring up the emergency slider on your screen if you rapidly press the side or home button on top of the phone 5 times in a row. If you can quickly press the button 5 times a 3-second countdown will begin before the emergency call goes out. Your phone will then activate a loud alarm that sounds no matter if your phone volume is on or not.

iPhones older than the iPhone 7 have this feature by default, but newer versions have the ability to change these emergency default settings in the settings app of your phone. You can choose to turn off the alarm, the side button emergency call and even the auto call feature that calls automatically if you can’t slide the bar on your screen, but you can also make sure they are all on.

Disable Biometrics

If you do use any of the iPhone emergency SOS shortcuts, your phone will automatically disable its biometric features. This means that until you type in your passcode, no one can use your fingerprint or face scan to open your phone. While this feature may seem minor compared to calling for aid, it protects your information during a time when you may not be able to do so yourself. 

Android Emergency Call

Android phones can vary depending on the manufacturer and version, but they always have the classic lock screen emergency button to use. You or anyone in need will be able to call 911 without accessing your phone, and if your emergency location services are on first responders can even track your location!

Specialized Applications

In addition to your smartphone being designed to help you during an emergency, countless apps have been invented that can help prevent and handle emergency situations. Though you may not think you will be in danger, it’s always better to be safe and prepared.

Personal Danger

Many people ride, walk or travel by themselves these days, and you are always at risk of an accident happening or a predator targeting you. That’s why apps like Noonlight and bSafe are great to invest in. They offer accurate protection services in clever and user-friendly ways. 

Noonlight is great for people walking or traveling alone. You simply hold down a button whenever you feel unsafe. When you are in a safe area, you can let go of the button and type in a pin number to confirm your safety. If you are in danger, release the button without typing in the code and local police will be immediately notified of your location and situation.

bSafe uses even more technology like voice activation to discreetly and quickly turn on live streaming and recording to allow your loved ones to know your exact location and have physical proof of your situation. You can even have your own phone send a fake call to you that may deter whoever is endangering you. 

Natural Disaster Awareness

All over the country, there are different climates that can quickly turn deadly if you’re not careful. Apps like Disaster Alert track global natural events and alert you to nearby hazards. Events could be as big as earthquakes, but they could also be warnings about flash floods or storms that could impact your immediate life. Be aware of the conditions in your area to avoid any unnecessary vehicle accidents!

Emergency Virtual Medical Card

Another important factor to remember is that when you are in an accident and help finally does arrive, you may not be conscious or aware enough to share important medical information about yourself. Apps like ICE Medical Standard allow you to input all of your medical information including conditions and allergies as well as emergency contacts. First responders will then be able to see your risk level on your lock screen without ever getting into your phone. This information could easily save your life. When first responders have all the information they need on you, they will be able to treat you more efficiently.

Cesar Ornelas Law Supports Your Safety

As a team of professionals who regularly handles accidents and tragedies, Cesar Ornelas Law knows firsthand how important a simple app or safety feature can be. Use the technology at your disposal to prepare yourself and be cautious.

No matter what, Cesar Ornelas Law will be there for you when you need help and support after an auto accident or personal injury. Contact us for a free case review.


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