Reckless Driving Resulting to Serious Physical Injury

Serious Injuries Resulting in Ongoing Pain

Many personal injury claims cover serious injuries that lead to chronic, ongoing pain. In many of these cases, the claimant must seek extensive damages from the reckless party liable for their car accident or another injury-causing incident. 

That is because the claimant may have to pay ongoing medical costs to cover their pain – a condition that may last for the rest of their life and affect how they spend their time or earn a living for their family.

So, what type of injuries usually lead to this type of pain, and how do they happen? Read on for more information. If you recently suffered an injury, speak with a personal injury attorney right away, 

Types of Reckless Accidents that Lead to Problems with Pain 

Serious injuries that result in ongoing and excruciating pain may result from reckless car accidents, motorcycle accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, truck accidents, or from injuries that occur from mistakes made during surgery. 

Spinal Column Injuries

One of the main areas that affect one’s level of pain is the spinal column, a bony yet delicate structure that houses the spinal cord – a column of nerve tissues that makes up 50% of the central nervous system (CNS) of the body. Many times, a person who experiences this injury has problems with regaining their full range of motion because of problems with bone pain and stiffness.

That’s because the vertebrae and discs that make up the spine may become herniated or fractured after an accident. This leads to nerve damage, numbness, and pain. If the spine cannot protect the spinal cord, the patient also loses strength and weakens over time. 

Central Pain Syndrome

Central pain syndrome (CPS), which often happens because of CNS damage, represents a pain that is both constant and moderate to severe. 

Patients often experience worsening pain when affected by stress or temperature changes, especially during the colder times of the year. One of the more prominent sensations is a burning feeling mingled with “pins and needles” pain or spasms of discomfort from time to time. The patient often needs years of therapy and pain management, which also leads to major expenses medically and personally.

Sprains that Trigger Chronic Pain

Pain may also result from a sprain, which stretches or tears a ligament, tendon, or muscle. Most often occurring in the lower back and ankle, this type of injury may require surgery to repair the damage.

Recurring Pain From a Stroke

While some injuries, such as a spinal column injury or sprain, may occur during a reckless accident, a stroke may happen days or weeks after the mishap. This type of injury is called a delayed accident injury. 

A stroke often follows a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or a skull fracture that develops during an accident.

Central Post-Stroke Pain

Not only can the patient suffer memory loss or paralysis, but they may also experience constant pain. This type of pain is known as central post-stroke pain or CPSP. It happens to about 20% of stroke victims. 

This medical condition may emerge if the stroke affects the part of the brain that interprets pain signals. Another name for the pain is central pain syndrome (which was discussed above) or naturopathic pain.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain, which affects the side where the stroke happened, may also develop after a stroke.

As you can see, it’s important to speak to an attorney if you suffer an injury that is the result of another party’s negligence. You only have a certain window of time to make a claim, so you should contact a lawyer right away.

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