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Steps To Take After A Workplace Injury

No matter what your line of work, injuries or accidents can easily take place. Whether you were injured in an office space or a warehouse, you need to know the steps to take if you’ve been injured at work.Cesar Ornelas Law is committed to informing all professionals of their rights in the workplace and the careful actions they should take after any workplace injury. These simple steps could mean the difference between your justice and no compensation at all.

Step 1: Seek Medical Attention

Your injury may be something minor like a small cut, abrasion or pulled muscle. These injuries can usually be calmly assessed and first aid can be administered on-site. If your minor injury ends up needing a doctor’s visit, pay attention to any guidelines your company has outlined for approved medical clinics. You may be able to receive compensation from your company if you use their pre-approved clinics.In the case that you are severely injured at work, use the emergency services in your area to get help at an emergency room. Everything else can wait until you are safe and stable enough to think clearly. 

Step 2: Inform Your Supervisor

No matter the extent of your injury, it’s important to inform your supervisor of the event so that you aren’t penalized for missing work or any other consequences of your injury. If you intend to push for worker’s compensation, try not to divulge any more of the details of the event to your supervisor than you absolutely have to.

Step 3: Official Report Of Injury

Even if you don’t intend to pursue compensation or take legal action, it is very important that every accident and injury in the workplace is reported to the company. You can achieve this by filing an injury report and sending a copy to your company. There is no guarantee that your supervisor will act quickly to file the claim, so you’ll want to make sure that they enter the report before 30 days have passed. Having a personal injury lawyer on your side could help you tremendously at this point by taking over the legal communication and ensuring all your claims are handled.

Step 4: Claim Acceptance/Rejection

At this point, your company’s insurance provider will review your claim and either accept or deny your claim. If your claim is accepted, your medical bills will be paid.If your claim is denied, then you should absolutely contact a personal injury lawyer – if you haven’t already. Allowing a professional legal team to take over will ensure you receive the compensation you deserve with the smoothest process possible.

Step 5: Claim Petition vs. Informal Hearing

Your legal team will help you decide if your best option is to file a claim petition or submit an application for an informal hearing. An informal hearing application will be reviewed by a judge, who can schedule the hearing. If the judge can’t mediate the dispute, then you can file a formal claim petition.

Let Cesar Ornelas Help You Step By Step

As soon as you know you want to fight for the compensation you deserve after a workplace injury, contact our legal team. We will support you every step of the way to ensure that you get the justice you are looking for. For quality personal injury attorneys, contact Cesar Ornelas Law.

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