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Why You Should Hire A Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

If you’re involved in an accident with a semi-truck there can be several complexities that arise. Commercial trucks are often towing trailers with product, and they can be traveling from all over the country – or even internationally! This means that the truck driver is not the only other party you will have to deal with. The driver’s company, the company that owns the trailer and even the company that manufactures the product being transported are all parties involved in the liability claim. 

Lawyer-Provided Resources After A Truck Accident

You may be tempted to wait and see how the situation unfolds directly after your semi-truck accident, but it is really important to act quickly when seeking legal help. The truck driver works for a commercial company that likely employs an entire team that deals with accidents. While you are receiving medical treatment or hesitating to find legal help, they are already gathering evidence and building their case. Your legal team can produce the same kinds of resources to help you, but you have to reach out.

These are some of the services your legal team can organize to make sure your case is as strong as the opposition:

  • Reconstruction Experts – There are highly specialized professionals who can reconstruct the accident in order to prove liability.
  • Conspicuity Experts – Professionals who can determine vehicle visibility at the time of the accident.
  • Truck Safety Experts – Trained safety inspectors to determine if there were violations in trucking safety rules.
  • Forensic Evidence Experts – Teams trained to maintain the physical vehicle evidence of the commercial truck and to analyze the data from the truck’s computers and event recorders.
  • Human Factors Experts – Professionals who can help determine if human error could have occurred according to the conditions on the road.

Lawyers Handle Insurance Companies

Unfortunately, insurance companies are designed to cheat you out of money. Even your own insurance company wants to give you as little money as possible after your semi-truck accident. They will use evidence recorded at the scene of the accident, statements made in the thick of the confusion and any proof they can obtain to reduce the amount of money they have to pay for vehicle damage or medical expenses. Adjusters have even been known to call and express concern for the claimant just to elicit a positive response that they can use to claim compensation is not necessary. 

When your legal team handles the insurance companies, you no longer have to worry about saying the wrong thing or the stress of being harassed by the adjusters. Everything will be taken care of for you by highly trained professionals who are committed to your case. Lifting this burden of worry from your shoulders will allow you to take the time you need to heal, grieve or help your family members through this difficult time.

Statistics of Serious Semi-Truck Accident Injury

In the United States alone, over 500,000 accidents occur every year that involve semi-trucks. Of these, one in every eight semi-truck accidents includes a fatality. That’s over 60,000 deaths. Additionally, over 60% of these deaths are victims in the passenger cars, not the truck drivers. And that’s not including all of the victims who were seriously injured.

These statistics all mean that any accident with a semi-truck can easily become serious and even debilitating. Truck accidents are often more complex and serious than regular car accidents. That’s why you need a personal injust lawyer to help you. Legal teams like Cesar Ornelas’ have years of experience navigating the legal waters of trucking accidents and can help support you. 

Trust Cesar Ornelas Law After Your Semi-Truck Accident

Cesar Ornelas Law genuinely cares about our clients. When a fatality or serious injury from a semi-truck accident hits your family, we want to be a source of stability while you grieve and heal from your trauma. We also want to make sure you are protected from those who would take advantage of your vulnerability.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a semi-truck accident, act quickly! Don’t hesitate to get the support and power of a legal team on your side. Contact Cesar Ornelas today!

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