What Are The Most Common Causes of Oil Field Accidents?

Some jobs are simply more dangerous and complex than others – the oil industry is a great example of a job with a higher risk of workplace injuries. Although Cesar Ornelas Law hopes that as few accidents happen as possible, it’s better to be over-prepared than unaware of the risks on the job. 

Our team of professionals has experience with every step of the aftermath of an oil field accident, and that means we see the most common oil field injuries. If you work in an oil field or oil rig, or if you have been injured in these workplaces, pay attention to the following causes of oil field accidents.

Slipping or Falling

Oil field/rig machinery can be dangerous, but there are simpler accidents that can also lead to serious injuries. Things like slipping, falling or tripping on walkways or equipment can lead to broken bones, lacerations and even head trauma. Make sure that the walkways are clear around your work area and that you are careful where you step.

Unchecked Equipment

Failing to ensure that your equipment is safely contained can lead to serious equipment failure and danger. Make sure that all equipment is strapped down and will stay where it is meant to. Also, ensure that all valves and pumps are in safe ranges. Don’t allow gauges to go unmonitored and cause a pressure buildup or leak that could mean an explosion.

Equipment Impact

With so many moving parts and large pieces of machinery around an oil field or rig, there is always the chance that equipment could break free and fall on you. While small falling objects might not be such a big deal, large equipment could cause major injuries to you or your coworkers. The impact of metal can cause crush injuries, broken bones, head injuries or even spinal trauma.

Breaking Industry Regulations

Although there are industry regulations in place to ensure the safety of oil field workers, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your company is following the rules. Bypassing safety guidelines in order to get the job done quicker or increase the profit can mean dangerous shortcuts on an already hazardous work site. Be on the lookout for obvious disregard for employee safety, and consider refreshing yourself on the guidelines of the federal and state workplace regulations for your industry.

Lack of Training

With the oil industry inherently full of more risk than other industries, it is essential that all employees are taught the proper safety procedures in order to run a safe operation. When employees are not aware of the signage to look at to receive danger warnings, how to safely do a job they are covering or when to recognize a dangerous malfunction, it is a risk for the entire team.

Have You Been Injured In An Oil Field Accident?

If you have experienced an injury due to any of the causes listed above, you may deserve compensation. Cesar Ornelas Law is dedicated to standing up for the hard-working people in the oil industry, and you can trust our team to represent your best interests – not the big oil company you work for. Based in San Antonio, we know intimately the effect of the oil industry on our communities.

When you need an oil field accident attorney, depend on the people who will help you every step of the way. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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