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How A Lawyer Can Help You After A Drunk Driving Accident

How A Lawyer Can Help You After A Drunk Driving Accident 

Auto accidents involving drunk drivers are more complicated than regular collisions, and it can be difficult to fight for what you deserve when you don’t know how to. That’s why skilled personal injury lawyers like Cesar Ornelas Law can be so beneficial to your cause. 

Whether you were injured after being hit by a drunk driver or not, you deserve compensation for your damages and stress. Our team knows exactly how to help you, and you can have confidence knowing these complex situations are being covered by capable professionals. These are a few of the instances when an experienced lawyer can mean a huge difference in the aftermath of your drunk driving accident. 

Fair Settlement

You may feel capable of pursuing legal action by yourself, but the legal system can be tricky to understand. If you intend to get compensation for injuries and vehicle damage you must first determine what you think those damages are worth. When you are offered a settlement, you may need help determining if that offer is fair or adequate. A lawyer can help you decide if you should fight for more or accept the amount offered.

Types of Damages

There are even different types of damages that you can pursue for compensation, and you should know what’s relevant to your case and even what is achievable. A lawyer can help you fight for and receive the appropriate compensation for your situation.

  • Compensatory – Out-of-pocket expenses like medical bills and loss of income fall under this category of damages.
  • General – Many times victims have suffered mental or emotional trauma during the incident, and they can sue for pain and suffering under this category. In this instance, the claimant has to prove they suffered pain and anguish, which a lawyer could help with.
  • Punitive – These damages are applicable in egregious cases and act as a  punishment to discourage repeated behavior.

Court Case

Many auto accidents are settled out of court, but special cases – like complex drunk driving cases – need to be heard in court. Your lawyer could help you decide if your case is strong enough to hold up in court.  If your case goes all the way to trial, you are certain to need a lawyer to represent you in the official proceedings. 

Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, fatalities are a common occurrence in drunk driving accidents. If you or a family member is killed by a drunk driver, you may want to sue for wrongful death. During this difficult time for you and your family, you may not be capable of fighting in court.

The opposing side will almost certainly fight back against the claim to avoid paying out wrongful death compensation, and even the clearest cases can take wild turns along the way. This is an important time when a lawyer could take the weight off of your shoulders and make sure you are compensated fairly while you grieve and heal.

Were You Hit By A Drunk Driver?

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Cesar Ornelas Law will support you through this process and give you a fighting chance to receive what you deserve. We care about our clients, and we are committed to finding the best solution for you after a drunk driving accident. When you need legal help, count on a personal injury lawyer like Cesar Ornelas to come through for you.

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