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Drinking and Driving Myths

Drinking and Driving Myths 

Drunk driving has become dangerously common throughout the United States, and it causes thousands of deaths every year. Many people get behind the wheel inebriated due to a simple lack of knowledge. Drivers who are unaware of their blood alcohol level or act upon misconceptions about drinking alcohol can not only be dangers to themselves but all other drivers and pedestrians on the road. 

Cesar Ornelas Law is here to debunk some of the common myths about drinking and driving. We want the roads to be safer and fewer people to have to suffer through the tragedy of an injury or death caused by drunk driving. Pay attention to some of the following commonly accepted truths about drinking that are actually false.

Coffee Sobers You Up

Drinking coffee while you are drunk does not do anything to change the level of alcohol in your system. Coffee does have caffeine in it, so your body may receive a jolt of energy or wakefulness after drinking it, but your judgment and movements will still be impaired by the alcohol. You’ll basically be a wide-awake drunk.

While this perceived alertness may feel like you are capable of driving, the alcohol in your system will continue to affect your reflexes, sight and limb control. You can easily cause an accident or injure someone simply because you believe the coffee has made you sober.

Beer or Wine Have Less Effect

Contrary to popular belief, different kinds of liquor do not have more or less effect on your sobriety than others. It all depends on the amount consumed. Beer and wine can make you just as drunk as whiskey or vodka. Don’t let the amount deceive you: one beer is equal to one shot of whiskey. Any alcohol has the capacity to render you a danger behind the wheel, so stop using beer as an excuse for putting others in harm’s way.

Driving Slowly Keeps You Safe

Some people believe that as long as you drive home slowly the chances of you hurting anyone are next to zero. This is false. In fact, a vehicle that is traveling at a lower rate of speed than the flow of traffic is actually more likely to cause an accident. Driving slower does not give you enough time to react properly in a drunken state. 

Experienced Drivers Aren’t Affected As Much

No matter how old you are or how many years you’ve been driving, alcohol affects everyone. All people might not be affected the exact same way by alcohol consumption, but those statistics are based on height, weight and other physical properties that determine alcohol absorption into your blood. Age and experience have nothing to do with it.

Eating Before Drinking Fixes Everything

When you consume food before or during drinking alcohol, the food makes the alcohol in your body take longer to be absorbed into your blood and affect you. However, just because you eat before you start drinking alcohol does not mean you are automatically safe to drive for the rest of the night. The delay of alcohol to your system may deceive you into thinking you are not that drunk and cause you to drink more until you feel that familiar buzz. Later in the night when you get behind the wheel, the alcohol could kick in at any moment and make you a serious danger.

Cold Water or Air Sobers You Up

Much like coffee, cold water or air on your face may clear your head momentarily or give you a sense of alertness, but it does nothing chemically to the amount of alcohol in your blood. The only fix for inebriation is time. You must wait until the alcohol has broken down in your system and no longer poses a threat to your capabilities. 

Involved In A Drunk Driving Accident?

Not everyone will take these warnings to heart, and you may find yourself at the mercy of someone else’s bad judgment. When you need the legal backing of a team of professionals, count on Cesar Ornelas Law. Our team of auto accident lawyers and personal injury lawyers will take this weight off your shoulders so that you can focus on what matters. Contact us today, and speak with a committed professional.

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