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What Are Common Causes of Car Accidents?

What Are The Most Common Causes for Car Accidents? 

As much as our society has advanced in vehicle technology, it is still important to remember that collisions can easily happen to anyone. In fact, 77% of drivers report that they have been in at least one accident in their lifetime. In the United States alone there are millions of car accidents that occur every year. 

So, why do so many accidents happen? 

There are many reasons that drivers get in accidents, but they can primarily be divided between human error and all other causes.

Driver Error Car Accidents

Driving our vehicles nearly every day causes us to become overly familiar with the process. When we are so used to the act of driving it is much easier for us to become distracted or multi-task while we drive. 

Most drivers have committed minor traffic violations – and continue to do so – when there are fewer perceived consequences. But it only takes one mistake while driving a several thousand-pound piece of metal to create a disaster.

These are the most common causes of accidents when the fault is attributed to human error:

  • Distracted Driving – Though many people believe they are great multi-taskers, it is scientifically proven that the brain can only focus on one task at a time. When you are doing more than one thing – specifically while driving – you are switching between tasks rapidly, leaving gaps where your brain is not focusing on driving the car. Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents.
  • Drunk Driving – Driving while under the influence significantly reduces your ability to think quickly and logically. The split decisions most drivers don’t even know they’re making while controlling their vehicle can’t be made when you’re impaired. Drunk driving is responsible for many car accident injuries. 
  • Speeding – Although nearly every driver has pushed their vehicle over the speed limit at one time or another, it is extremely common to lose control when speeding. Plus, the stress of running late or trying to reach a destination quickly adds to the inability to think clearly when driving.
  • Running Intersections – Nearly half of all accidents occur at traffic lights or stop signs. When posted rules are not followed due to impaired or distracted driving, intersections can become deadly. 
  • Reckless Driving – One of the main proponents of reckless driving is speeding. Driving quickly around other vehicles, changing lanes unexpectedly and general disregard for the behaviors of traffic around you can easily lead to an accident.
  • Aggressive Driving – Some drivers become frustrated or angry while driving and decide to control their vehicles in an intentionally dangerous manner. Clearly, the risk of collision rises significantly when a driver is purposefully being reckless.
  • Exhaustion – When fatigued drivers get behind the wheel their mental capabilities are not unlike a drunk or impaired driver. Quick responses to road conditions are dulled and can lead to tragedy.

Driver-Unrelated Car Accidents

Practicing safe driving techniques can prevent many vehicle accidents, but sometimes it is out of your control as a driver. The following are causes of accidents that are not due to driver error.

  • Poor Weather – Even the best drivers can be overtaken by severe weather events. Weather that affects your vehicle’s ability to keep moving such as water and ice on the road can be very dangerous. Also, reduced visibility caused by fog or heavy rain can lead to collisions. 
  • Road Maintenance – Poorly maintained roads can lead to potholes and uneven surfaces that can be difficult to navigate in your vehicle. Items on the road or the condition of the road itself can cause a tire to pop and the driver to have difficulty controlling the vehicle.
  • Malfunctioning Vehicle – With all the moving parts that make a vehicle run correctly, it’s no stretch of the imagination that parts can break or be installed in your car incorrectly causing loss of control.

Been In A Car Accident? 

Cesar Ornelas Law Firm can help you with the aftermath of your car accident. Our team is dedicated to helping you through this difficult time and fighting for fair compensation. When you need legal help, Cesar Ornelas is the best car accident lawyer to choose.

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