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Midland Odessa Truck Accident Lawyer

Midland Odessa Truck Accident Lawyer
Anyone traversing the busy roads and highways of Texas understands the incredible power of a fully accelerating 18-wheeler traveling mere feet away in the next lane. It’s with the utmost respect that we will quickly accommodate their additional need for space and time when it comes to slowing down and speeding up. Unfortunately, sometimes all of the driving safety precautions in the world can come to naught in the blink of an eye, the explosion of a tire, or the briefest wavering of concentration.

Should you or a family member find yourself in the path of one of these trajectories, you need to contact a reputable Midland/Odessa truck accident lawyer immediately. We will fight to secure any possible compensation that you may be justly due owing to your losses and injuries. Here at Cesar Ornelas Law, we are the seasoned legal team that you need.

The Booming Dangers of Increased Truck Traffic
As one might note, there has been a marked increase in truck traffic in recent years owing to the vast rise in drilling along the Permian Basin. With the rapid growth of drilling operations picking up, oil companies are working overtime to draft sufficient drivers to meet the demand to haul the oil and supply the fields.

In the aftermath of the 2008 recession, many seasoned and experienced commercial big-rig drivers left the area for greener pastures, thus leaving a cadre of inexperienced drivers in their wake to fill the void. The decline in safety is evident in grim statistics. Truck and 18-wheeler accidents rose by 43% in 2019, over the prior two years, with more than a hundred fatalities as a result. With more than 10,000 big rigs traversing Route 285 every day, these grim statistics are only slated to rise.

From driver inexperience to fatigue, the unrelenting schedule of the drilling fields has many drivers exceeding their maximum allowable 11-hour driving day according to Texas laws. Additionally, intoxicants and alcohol use among drivers provide a hazardous environment for drivers in our community. While no one disputes the economic benefits of the Permian Basin drilling, the attendant social costs of unsafe highways must be addressed by competent legal counsel should you be the victim of such circumstances.

When Should You Call an Attorney?
When it comes to seeking legal representation in the event of an accident, there are several guidelines you can follow to ascertain if you need a lawyer to secure your rights. Always remember that insurance companies are experts in the denial or minimizing of claim payouts, and you will be at a decided disadvantage if you attempt to force a claim judgment on your own. If you’ve been injured in an accident as the result of another driver’s negligence, there is no assurance that you will be adequately compensated for your loss and medical bills.

As such, you should reach out to a qualified legal representative if you have been seriously hurt in an accident, and particularly if your injuries have the potential of having long-term consequences. If you don’t believe your settlement amount will fully compensate you for your injuries, or pay for all your current and future medical expenses, then you should discuss your case with an attorney.

Additionally, if the other driver is uninsured or underinsured, or you and the other driver are disputing who is at fault, then hiring a lawyer to investigate all aspects of your accident fully will help determine fault and bolster your case.

Finally, if you are receiving the short shrift from your insurance company and you feel as if you are being pressured to take a settlement, be sure to contact an attorney. We make sure that the offer from the insurance company is adequate to meet all of your medical and financial needs. Generally speaking, fast payments typically preclude fair settlements, so it is critical to get your own attorney’s input to ensure that you are getting everything you are entitled to as the result of a truck-related injury or accident.

Offering Experienced Legal Representation in Midland-Odessa
Should you or a loved one find yourselves in the position of being a participant in a truck accident, you need to first attend to any injuries that you may have suffered. Then you need to call our Midland-Odessa office for an immediate, free consultation here at Cesar Ornelas Law, a seasoned Midland-Odessa, Texas truck accident attorney. As we have shown above, you may need to take action immediately to secure your potential rights.

Truck accidents can turn your world upside down, so our team of investigators and attorneys are standing by to ensure that your landing is as soft as possible. With years of experience under our legal belts, we are standing by to offer our legal representation expertise to you and your family.