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Call Cesar Ornelas Law for Midland/Odessa Personal Injury Lawyer

Call Cesar Ornelas Law for Midland/Odessa Personal Injury Lawyer
A trip to the store can easily result in a trip to the floor with resulting in personal injuries in a moment’s notice. Indeed, personal injuries are a growing trend in recognition that failure to take reasonable measures to safeguard their customers; businesses can be held liable for any wrongdoing. Beyond the embarrassment of taking a tumble in the produce aisle; however, such an accident can cause serious injuries resulting in pain, medical bills, or loss of work. Should you or loved one find yourself the victim of a personal injury, there is a chance that you may be due just compensation for your injuries. Regrettably, the owner of the property or operator of a business rarely tells that to customers, so you need a trusted Midland/Odessa, Texas personal injury lawyer that you can trust. You will find that trust, and legal team, at Cesar Ornelas Law.

Compensation Varies, But You Have Rights
All personal injuries lawsuits are not created equally when it comes to tallying up the size of judgment awards. For instance, when one canvasses the verdict awards of personal injury cases, medical malpractice leads the pack in terms of the size of judgments averages of $340,000 with auto accidents coming in second at $24,000. Running a distant third place, when it comes to assessing the amount of money plaintiffs can expect to see, are victims of slip and fall injuries with average payouts of $2,000.

According to the Center for Disease Control, however, more than a million Americans suffer slip and fall injuries every year, with nearly a third of those receiving moderate to severe injuries. Just as all personal injuries are not created equal, neither are all slip and fall injuries created equal. To adequately assess your case requires discussions with a qualified attorney to determine liability and the feasibility of filing a case.

Assessing Culpability and Your Rights
Although accidents do happen, usually they occur due to another party’s negligence, and a large portion of personal injury work involves your accident lawyer fully researching the details of your case to find mitigating circumstances in your favor. Parsing through the facts of any accident case, your personal injury lawyer can identify what factors contributed to your accident and hold the guilty people financially responsible. Whether a business failed to clean the snow and ice from their foray, or poor lighting caused you to trip and fall, if your injuries are the result of someone else failing to perform their due diligence, then they can be held liable for your damages.

Personal Injury Lawyer Working for You
If you have been involved in an accident, whether it be an automobile, motorcycle, dog bite, or a slip and fall mishap, your accident lawyer will be by your side. We can help you sort out the details of your case, and get just settlement or judgment for your injuries. Even if you have had the same insurance policy for years, your friendly agent, who accepted your insurance premium payments all these years, becomes the adversary when fighting for your rightful benefits. In all likelihood, your insurance company will go to court with a team of attorneys to fight your claim. You should have a top-notch personal injury lawyer working for you to ensure that you and your family’s financial security is assured.

Call Our Expert Team at Cesar Ornelas Law in Midland/Odessa
Personal injuries can happen in the blink of an eye and a myriad of circumstances. Should those circumstances be the result of negligence; however, you may well be entitled to just compensation for a range of losses from medical expenses, lost wages, and more. The Midland-Odessa office of Cesar Ornelas brings a range of legal skills and experience to both the deposition room and the courtroom. We will fight diligently for you and your family should you be the victim of an unforeseen personal injury that could have been avoided had another party acted more responsibly. Don’t risk suffering unduly for someone else’s mistakes. Our team of expert litigators is standing by, so call today contact our Midland/Odessa office for an immediate for a cost and obligation free consultation.