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Midland/Odessa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Midland/Odessa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer
For an avid motorcyclist, nothing feels better than the wind across their body and the feel of the throttle across their palms, but as free as a good ride is, it can also be very dangerous. According to statistics from the Insurance Information Institute, motorcyclists are over 50% more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than car drivers.

It’s a sobering fact given that most motorcycle accidents are not caused by motorcyclist error, instead, they are caused by inattentive car drivers who fail to yield or notice a motorcyclist on the road. Talk to any motorcyclist and they will likely tell you a story of a time they had a near miss or wrecked their bike to avoid a vehicle collision.

Far too often motorcyclists are hurt in Midland, Texas motorcycle accidents through no fault of their own. The problem is only increasing due to increased activity in the oilfields which has led to more congestion. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the unofficial 2018 report revealed a 44% increase in motorcycle traffic crashes within the Odessa region. Between the years 2016 and 2017 there was a 32% increase. This continual increase proves that not enough is being done to prevent Odessa motorcycle accidents.

Local riders report feeling stressed on the roads, noting that staying alert and following traffic laws is not enough to keep them safe. Too often the fault is on the passenger vehicle, which they cannot control. While the passenger vehicle may be cited, rarely is a motorcyclist awarded a reasonable amount of damages. Most motorcyclists don’t know to seek out help from a Midland, Texas motorcycle accident lawyer, and so they take the small sum awarded by an insurance company and move on.

The problem is not isolated to Midland, the Texas Department of Transportation reports that 418 people were killed in motorcycle crashes in the state of Texas in 2018. The amount of injuries is even higher. Crashes in Midland/Odessa and across the greater state of Texas were caused by a variety of reasons including distracted driving, run-off road crashes, and substance-related crashes.

Costs of a motorcycle accident far exceed simple hospital bills and the cost of the bike. Many motorcyclists involved in collisions suffer from lifelong medical issues due to spinal injuries, limb amputations, head and brain injuries, road rash, and broken bones. Serious injuries not only cause emotional and physical pain, but they also lead to a loss of income. Depending on your medical coverage, your health insurance may not be enough to cover all your bills related an accident.

Attempting to salvage your life following a motorcycle accident can be very difficult. That is why you need a Midland motorcycle accident lawyer on your side. Cesar Ornelas Law Firm knows how quickly life can change, and we are here to help you move onto the next stage of your life medically and financially prepared. We know how to fight for you to ensure that you have access to the right care and enough money to support your family during this hard time.

The reckless driver who changed your life forever isn’t going to offer you a handout, neither is their insurance. In fact, they will likely lowball in you an effort to wash their hands of your situation. Do not accept their offer, between medical bills and daily expenses that initial offer will likely not be enough.

Instead, let Cesar Ornelas fight for you. You need an experienced Odessa motorcycle accident lawyer on your side who can stand up to the big insurance companies on your behalf. We will make sure that you are compensated properly for your losses, and if they balk, we will take them to court and make them pay.

Free Consultations with Cesar Ornelas Law
We offer free consultations to all motorcycle victims, and an online sign-up if you need to get a hold of a motorcycle accident lawyer quickly. Time is of the essence if you have been the victim of a motorcycle accident. You deserve adequate compensation, don’t just accept what you are offered, demand fair retribution with the help of our law firm. Whether you have minor injuries or are in the hospital, now is the time to get a Midland motorcycle accident lawyer on your side.
Everyday motorcycle accident victims in Midland and Odessa are suffering in silence, don’t let that be you. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident as a result of someone else’s reckless driving call the Cesar Ornelas law firm today or visit our website for a fast online consultation.