Law Officer & Felon Friends After Life-Changing Accident

After spending the night drinking at a Richmond, TX, bar in 2018, John Sanchez had a horrible life-changing accident. He left the bar on his motorcycle and was traveling on Crabb River Road when he was hit from behind. The accident left him bleeding with serious, multiple injuries that were life-threatening.

That night Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Bulman was on duty when got a call that somebody had been run down on Crabb River Road, and he immediately was dispatched to that location. He, like on every call, did not know what he would find when he arrived on the scene nor who would be the victim of the accident.

Repetitive Offender Encountered

It was a shock to Deputy Bulman when he recognized the unconscious man lying on the road. Bulman knew Sanchez because he had arrested John several times before. They also had previous good encounters that did not involve an arrest. Therefore, there was a good history as well as a not-so-good one between the two men.

John did not remember when he was hit, but after regaining consciousness, he woke up to see Bulman’s face and remembered later that it was Bulman who was there to help him in that terrible situation.

The setting that night was totally different from the other times Bulman and Sanchez had met. That night the deputy and the felon found themselves in a life-or-death situation where Sanchez was hanging on to life due to his critical injuries. That night would change their relationship in an amazing way.

Deputy Bulman under the circumstances of that night in 2018, did not see Sanchez as a criminal but as a victim. He said, “…we have to do everything we can for him, to try and comfort him.”

Sanchez later stated, “He showed me empathy and sympathy. He just kept talking to me, telling me, ‘You’re going to make it, you’re going to make it.’ I didn’t think I was going to make it.”

Sanchez did make it after a long road of medical treatment and rehabilitation. “It made me appreciate life more,” Sanchez said.

Changed Hearts and Lives

Deputy Bulman, a few weeks later, went through a recovery of his own after being shot while responding to a domestic violence call. Again, life’s trials have a way of changing people and hearts. The story of Deputy Bulman and John Sanchez is a prime example of that.

About two years later, at a Buc-ees just one block from where Sanchez nearly died, something extraordinary took place. Some would call it fate.

Bulman and Sanchez saw each other again, the first time since Sanchez’s accident. It was an emotional reunion as there on the street corner, Sanchez took the opportunity to tell Bulman thank you and to shake his hand. Both of them were filled with gratitude and joy in seeing each other again in happier circumstances. They now had a bond of respect. They were friends. Sanchez had previously hated and despised cops (his own words). Sanchez wanted to remember that moment and took a cell phone photo of him and the cop together which he later posted on social media.

Unlikely Bond of Friendship

That photo has more than 500 shares and thousands of likes on social media. Its impact has been changing hearts and minds.  Read the story on KHOU website. Or watch their video below:

Yes, these two individuals are unlikely friends who come from two different worlds. However, their amazing story inspires us to keep trying to change our world and to find ways to care for one another regardless of our differences. It is as simple as being there for one another, just like Deputy Belman was there for John Sanchez, which was the first step in becoming friends.

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