It’s All About Giving Back To Your Community

It’s All About Serving And Giving Back

During these difficult times, our staff at Cesar Ornelas Law Firm are working remotely to serve your needs and giving back to our community. We are ready to help you with any questions or concerns. Let us take the full weight off your shoulders regarding any legal problems related to your accident, your wrongful death case and, thus, free you to focus on other issues you may have at this time. The initial contract period includes a FREE consultation about your case when we can discuss all aspects and possible outcomes as well as answer any questions you have. Cesar Ornelas Law’s goal is to take care of you and to restore to you some peace of mind.

What About Cesar Ornelas?

What kind of man is Cesar Ornelas? Many people seeking an attorney’s services want one who helps their community. Cesar is that kind of man with a loving, benevolent heart. This characteristic developed during his difficult childhood. He grew up not having a lot as a child. That experience made him more compassionate and understanding toward others, especially children who lack simple needs like shoes. At three elementary schools in El Paso, Texas, in October 2019, Cesar Ornelas, through the Camino Real Rotary Club, donated 200 pairs of brand new Nike and Reebok shoes to students.

“Growing up, I was one of these kids,” said Ornelas. “I didn’t have new shoes. I had holes in my shoes. My part of giving back to the community is giving shoes just because I didn’t have them growing up.”

Another charity near and dear to Cesar’s heart is Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD). Cesar has helped and legally represented many victims of drunk driving accidents. As the Presenting Sponsor, Cesar teamed up with an El Paso local MADD fundraising event at the Crime Victims Memorial Park on October 26, 2019, to contribute to the job that a grieving mother began in 1980. Cesar and his team joined the El Paso Walk to end drunk driving, to fight for stiffer penalties for those who drink and drive, and to remember the victims who have died or experienced life-altering disabilities. He is, likewise, a capable advocate for victims and their families in courtrooms across Texas.

As a caring, experienced lawyer, Cesar Ornelas is the man you need on your side whenever, God forbid, you may experience an accident. You can count on Cesar and his aggressive, professional team to go the extra mile for you.

Cesar Ornelas Law Firm Offers:

  • Access to Cesar Ornelas Law office 24/7 via phone or their website’s chat and email form at
  • Free initial call and consultation 210-361-7144 / 855-930-1149
  • Accommodation adjustments to keep clients safe and healthy during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Working with a caring, experienced, professional, successful attorney and his team
  • Helping to obtain peace of mind that top-notch legal representatives are at work on your case
  • Finding you a doctor if you do not have one
  • NO PAYMENT unless we win for you
  • You don’t have to leave your home; we’ll come to you
  • You have nothing to lose – but everything to gain

Hire A Compassionate And Caring Lawyer

Cesar Ornelas Law Firm wants to make our services as easy as possible to access throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Your wellbeing is vital to us. Please be aware that our office is available to you 24/7 via phone or our website via chat or contact form. Call Cesar Ornelas Law at 855-930-1149 or visit


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