Is Your Work VISA Expiring During COVID-19?

What happens if my work VISA Expires During COVID-19?

ANSWER: If you’re currently working in the United States with a government-issued work VISA and it has expired during COVID-19 pandemic, then you have rights and processes being put in place to protect you. You may need to file for an extension or work with a representative to ensure your status. The result of this situation depends on the kind of VISA that you have. Typically you would need to file a petition to extend your status before the VISA expires, but connecting with officials will help you fully understand how to legally take action.

Here is a source for VISA from the Department of State.

I’m an international student and need to renew my VISA

ANSWER: You may want to extend your stay since traveling right now is very difficult and dangerous to your health. If you are an international student seeking help with your VISA you’ll need to reach out to your school’s student services for international students. There should be processes in place to help you even in this Coronavirus pandemic.

Here is a source from the CDC regarding travel International Travel Alerts

How do I get back to my home in Mexico or Canada during COVID-19?

ANSWER: We are set right now with a LEVEL 4 Global Health Warning recommending no traveling. As of March 18, 2020 routine U.S. visa issuance has been suspended worldwide and daily restrictions on travel are being implemented.

The best thing to do is to reach out to your nearest consulate. The consulates are coordinating ways to get their citizens back home safely. Please try not to panic and know that for your own safety as well as your loved ones, you should follow government regulations and the health officials’ warning.

You can enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program online to learn more about safe traveling abroad. Benefits include being updated with all of the latest resources and status reports in the country you’ll be traveling to. You will also get help from the U.S. Embassy for guidance on procedures and regulations. Your family and friends will also be able to stay in contact with you if there is an emergency. You can enroll and find more information about the SMART program online.

Mexican consulate and it guide “Guia de Apollos Durante El Coronavirus”.

Canadian consulate’s resource and find information about if you need a visa to travel to Canada.

Learn about employee rights during COVID-19

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