How Far is San Antonio from Midland?

As you know, Texas is the second-largest state in the U.S.—the biggest in the contiguous United States. It takes about 12 hours to drive through Texas east to west or vice versa along Interstate 10 with normal traffic. With gas stops and bathroom breaks, it could easily take 14-15 hours. This is the equivalent of taking Interstate 5 through California north-south. 

Even if you drive through Texas the “fast way,” from north to south or vice versa, you could plan to spend 8-9 hours on Interstate 40. Spanning over 250,000 square miles, Texans know the reality of taking long road trips from one neighboring Texas city to another.

Car accidents can disrupt your drive – whether you are traveling a short or long distance – and your life in general. If you are injured in a crash, contact a car accident attorney in Midland today.

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The Trip From San Antonio to Midland

This drive is about 325 miles, traveling northwest away from the Texas coast. The route taking Highway 87 and Highway 83 is a few minutes faster than the route taking Highway 137. Expect to spend about 5 hours in the car for this road trip.

Did You Know…?

Since you’ll need some entertainment driving between San Antonio and Midland, here are a few fun road trip facts to know:

  • In any given summer, 200 million Americans will embark on a road trip. About 20% of those trips are over 500 miles.
  • In the United States, 97% of travel in the summer is done by car.
  • The average American road trip is about 3 hours, making the journey from San Antonio to Midland a bit longer than the norm.

Road Trip Safety

First of all, most accidents happen within 25 miles of our homes, so road trips may not necessarily be more dangerous than our everyday driving. However, you’ll likely pass more semi-trucks than normal, which can pose additional hazards. You’ll also be out on long stretches of rural roads where people fall asleep at the wheel more often, drive a little faster than usual, and are more likely to experience mechanical failures like tire blow-outs caused by excessive heat. 

Steps to Take If You Get in an Accident

If the worst should occur, try to stay calm and take these steps:

  • Begin by calling 911. Always let the police know about the crash, even if it doesn’t seem that serious to you at the moment. 
  • Protect the scene of the collision if you can. Make sure photos get taken and so on before anything is moved.
  • If you are not hospitalized, and your car is still driveable, continue to Midland, but be sure you follow up with medications and physical therapies that were recommended.
  • If your car is not driveable, your insurance coverage will really determine what happens next. If you have rental car coverage, for example, you could still go on to MIdland as planned while you wait for the nearest body shop to provide an estimate of the damages. Depending on how extensive the damage is and where the collision occurred, you might prefer to tow your car back to San Antonio. 

When to Call a Midland Car Accident Lawyer 

If you were injured in an accident on your San Antonio/Midland, Texas road trip, contacting a car accident lawyer as soon as you can is wise. The insurance company will start trying to “win you over” and throwing out lowball settlement offers before the dust even settles. Don’t take the bait. Let the Midland car accident lawyers at Cesar Ornelas Injury Law inform you of your rights and fight for a better settlement. Call now at (855) 963-2054.   


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