High School Senior Nearly Killed in Motorcycle Accident is Grateful to Graduate

San Antonio, TX

High School Senior Nearly Killed in Motorcycle Accident is Grateful to Graduate

Zachariah Gibson started his own business and trained to become a personal trainer before he was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident.

An Allison Steele High School senior living in Schertz, Texas, refuses to allow his near-death experience to stop him from reaching one of his biggest goals in life: to walk across the stage for his upcoming graduation.

Gibson is a successful young man. He already owns his own landscaping business at such a young age and is training to become a personal trainer. Gibson is scheduled to graduate with his classmates on Tuesday, May 25th. However, on Sunday, May 16th, Zachariah got into a serious motorcycle accident.

“I was riding with six of my friends,” Gibson said. “It was a chill ride. I was going about 65 to 75 mph and came under the bridge at 1604 and 35. I got behind this truck, and as soon as I got to IKEA, I went to make a pass to my right side.” Gibson said it was this moment when his life flashed before his eyes.

“I looked over and saw my buddy, so I didn’t pass, but by the time I looked in front of me, the truck had slammed on his brakes,” Gibson said. “When I hit, I slid across 35 and hit the concrete wall and then slid all the way back to the left side of 35. They said I slid almost 300 feet.”

Gibson reported that he felt every broken bone he sustained, but his biggest concern after the slide was to not get hit by another vehicle.

“When I stopped sliding, I stayed calm,” Gibson said. “One of my buddies, who is a big man, came to me. It was something to see a grown man cry when he saw me, so I knew that I looked bad.”

Shaina Webb, Gibson’s mother, said she was devastated when she got the call and learned about her son’s accident.  “I was at home, and we were already closing up for the day,” Webb said. “I got an odd number on my phone, and first I wasn’t going to answer because I do not usually answer odd numbers, but something told me to answer this call.”

Webb said that once the lady on the phone started talking, she already knew the bad news involved her son. “I was crying and freaking out,” she said.

“When I got there, all I could think about was if my son was going to die. He was very calm on the phone when I was speaking with the first responder, so I started to think he was striking out. I spent 14 years as a paramedic, and when it is your kid on the other end of the receiving call, it is hard to keep that state of mind. I thought at 18. He is supposed to graduate in a week. I did not think I was going to see that.”

Fortunately, Gibson pulled through despite the nature of the accident, but he did sustain several injuries, including 80% of his body being covered in road rash.

“I broke my hip in two places. [In addition], I broke both collar bones, the top of my nose and scapula, and I have had reconstructive surgery on my eye,” Gibson said. “His lower eyelid was ripped almost completely off,” his mother said.

Still determined to fulfill his dream of walking across the stage at his high school graduation, Gibson decided to start walking and healing for the upcoming celebration. “I spent too many hours and lost too much hard work not to walk the stage,” Gibson said. “It is something I have been looking forward to for a long time.”

On Tuesday, May 25th, Gibson plans to roll his wheelchair on the stage since walking is still a struggle for him, but he intends to take the stage on foot. “I am just glad that I can walk,” Gibson said.

“First, I am glad that I am alive because there is no way I should be, but I am glad I walked away with what I did and that I will be able to walk.”

Gibson also told KSAT that he hopes that his story serves as a reminder to others to watch for motorcyclists on the roadways. He also hopes that his passion for walking and continuing riding his motorcycle encourages others to cherish life. “Tomorrow is never promised,” Gibson said. “I was having a great day. Nothing was wrong, but I
could have gone right there. I want people to know to live every moment to the fullest.”

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