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El Paso Car Wreck Lawyer

The El Paso Car Wreck Lawyer You Can Rely On

Accidents are just that, accidents. Unexpected, sudden, and jarring, an El Paso car wreck has the potential to turn your life upside down in ways from the mild to the severe. From loss of transportation to get to work to the cost of severe medical injuries can often be the result of an accident. As such, you need a dependable legal team that you can rely on to help you secure your rights if the worst occurs out on the road. A dedicated legal team can help you cut through the legal mysteries, help you secure records and witness, and represent your interests when battling an array of insurance company lawyers who are dedicated to defeating or limiting your claim.

The Dangerous Streets of El Paso, Texas

According to a December 2019 report appearing in the El Paso Times, the city and county ranked sixth within the state that year for fatal car wrecks in Texas. Pointing to the city’s 61 fatalities up to that point, El Paso police department spokesperson, Sergeant Enrique Carrillo, noted that some perspective should include the fact that the city is the sixth-largest in the state.

The report further noted that fatalities were more prevalent in rural areas, as opposed to urban car accidents. Rural accidents are often at higher speeds and require longer distances for first responders to travel, but the majority of car accidents occur in urban areas like El Paso.

Quoting the study’s author, Texas A & M Transportation Institute’s Director for the Center of Transportation Safety, Robert Wunderlich:
“In urban areas, we find that most crashes occur at intersections where people have to make decisions, and they have to follow either a traffic signal or they have to make a judgment about what other people are doing.”

Further, a joint Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Labor Board Study pointed to a large number of work-related accidents as employees travel on behalf of their employers during the day. For West Texas drivers, this means fighting for position on roads crowded with oil and gas-related vehicles. In an alarming trend, these car accidents typically occurred amongst employees driving pickups, but accidents involving larger commercial trucks are the new normal for El Paso residents.

Simply stated, this adds to a lot of car accidents on El Paso’s streets and intersections. If you end up in need of an El Paso car wreck lawyer, you need to call Cesar Ornelas Law.

Your Role at the Scene of the Accident: Stay Calm and Alert

In the chaotic aftermath of an automobile accident, it is essential to keep your head and follow basic protocols. These include securing the accident site, rendering aid where possible, and calling the police and emergency service personnel as needed. At no point should you make any statements that indicate guilt or fault, and be sure to collect the names and contact information of any witnesses that might be on the scene of the accident. Accident judgments are predicated on the faults of the drivers, so don’t prejudice any future legal case by limiting your legal options through premature admission of fault.

Our Job After the Accident: Determining Fault and Receiving Compensation
At the heart of all accident litigation cases is the determination of fault. As such, it’s critical that you not admit any fault at the scene. Additionally, before accepting any nominal settlement offer from the at-fault party’s insurance company, you should reach out to an attorney with the details of the case to help determine fault. Your accident attorney will fully review the relevant documentation from witness statements to police reports in their efforts to parse out blame for the crash.

Once the details of the crash have been determined, your lawyer will make sure that your recovery is adequately attended to financially, so you will only need to worry about getting better and reclaiming your life. Whether you have expensive medical bills or need to receive compensation for the cost of a rental car, your El Paso car wreck lawyer is there to make sure nothing falls between the cracks.

Call the Legal Team that Will Fight for You: Cesar Ornelas Law

Should you or a loved one find yourselves in a car accident, then we want you to contact our El Paso office for an immediate cost and obligation free consultation. An automobile accident can decimate your life in any number of ways, and our team is dedicated to ensuring you receive just compensation for any loss or injuries. Delays might serve to damage your case, and quick action helps in the securing of witness and timely disposition of your case. We bring years of legal experience and talent to the table, so we are standing by to help you or your family through these trying times with prompt, courteous, and professional legal counsel.