Cesar Ornelas Law To Represent 24 Women Who Were Victims of a Hidden Restroom Camera

El Paso, TX

Cesar Ornelas Law To Represent 24 Women Who Were Victims of a Hidden Restroom Camera

Cesar Ornelas Law filed suit this week against the Hilton Garden Inn El Paso University Hotel for hiring a known predator who victimized 24 women by placing a hidden camera in the hotel’s restroom. High Desert Investments, Elevation Hotel Management, and David Monastere are also among those involved in the suit.

David Monastere had been secretly filming up their skirts using a hidden camera during nursing conferences. The events took place between October 2020 and February 2021.

Cesar Ornelas Law held a press conference this week to provide more details of the case, including statements from the victims –”He knows our names, he knows what unit we work on, he knows what hospital we work at.”

At the beginning of this case, Cesar Ornelas Law was representing thirteen women, but eleven more have come forward after seeing the press conference held earlier this year.

Police arrested Monastere on criminal charges stemming from the hotel incident, but he was released from jail on $45,000 bond pending trial.

In the civil suit, the women are seeking monetary damages and maintain that the hotel hired Monastere despite being aware of his extensive criminal history. Police records show that Monastere’s history includes:

  • He was sentenced to six years in prison for assault with a deadly weapon in 2000.
  • He was arrested by UTEP police after being accused of inappropriately touching women in 2013, although those charges were eventually dismissed.
  • And earlier this year, he was charged with nine counts of invasive visual recording after those first 13 alleged hotel victims came forward.

It is currently unclear whether further criminal charges may be filed against Monastere in light of the additional women who now say they too were victims.

When asked about the lawsuit, attorney Angela Tabares stated, “the thing that angers me the most is that this is a Hilton Hotel, this is a worldwide respected hotel that you go to, and you know that you are going to be safe from outside people. The last thing on your mind is “did they hire somebody who is a predator?”

Cesar Ornelas Law is passionately committed to bringing justice to these women. Our team will not stop fighting until they can rest easy, knowing that their predator is off of the streets.

Cesar Ornelas Law Is Here For You

Sexual assault incidents happen all too often in our country. Fortunately, victims of these horrendous violations do not have to face their aftermath alone. The team at Cesar Ornelas Law has experience in handling cases with this type of sensitivity. We are here for you, and we will fight for you. Cesar Ornelas Law is on your side.

If you were victimized in the ‘Hidden Camera’ case in El Paso, or have been violated in the past, reach out to Cesar Ornelas Law today. 

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