Cesar Ornelas Law to donate money for those in danger of having water cut-off

San Antonio, TX

SAWS will begin shutting water services off in San Antonio for past due bills in October. The company will resume the disconnection of services for customers with large past-due balances starting this Fall.


The water utility initially paused water service across San Antonio due to non-payment at the beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic in March of 2020.


According to SAWS officials, there are currently 60.75% of accounts are past due. That is 11.1% of all SAWS customer accounts.


San Antonians and other Texans alike have been put through the wringer between the Pandemic and deadly ice and snowstorm. Trying to maintain a sense of normalcy through the ups and downs isn’t always easy.


The city of San Antonio is full of fighters and is a community that deserves to receive help when needed.


Water bill giveaway 


Cesar Ornelas Law would like to announce that it will be donating $450.00 in three giveaways of $150.00 across two months to those in danger of having their water services cut off.


Our firm is on a heartfelt mission to ease the burden of those affected by the upcoming SAWS water shut-offs.


Rules of Entry


Participants must like and comment on the giveaway posts on Facebook and Instagram and must need payment. 


Make sure to stay up to date with our announcements via social media.


We are hopeful that our contribution will ease the mind of those who are struggling to become current with their water bills.


We are passionate about being involved in the community and helping those in need. 


We look forward to making people’s lives more manageable and a bit more debt-free.


Cesar Ornelas Law Gives Back


Cesar Ornelas Law is passionate about giving back to the community in any way possible. At the Mex-Tex Family Fiesta, Cesar Ornelas Law gave away a TV, a grill, and other items!


“Our mission here is to help the community give back, and that is why we wanted to be a title sponsor to be able to give back to you guys. It’s an honor to be here to support you all and thank you so much to the Midland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for having us,” Cesar said.


With thousands in attendance, the Mex-Tex Family Fiesta was a celebration of good food, great friends, and the outstanding cultural community produced by the Midland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.


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