Cesar Ornelas Law Files Lawsuit Against El Paso Hotel Worker Accused of Secretly Filming Nurses in Restroom During Conference

El Paso, TX

Cesar Ornelas Law Files Lawsuit Against El Paso Hotel Worker Accused of Secretly Filming Nurses in Restroom During Conference

Cesar Ornelas Law represents thirteen women who filed a civil lawsuit Wednesday alleging that an El Paso hotel worker with a known criminal history secretly filmed up their skirts in a hotel restroom. Ornelas is seeking justice for the women who have come forward and urges others to do the same. 

The alleged incident happened on February 21 at the Hilton Garden Inn UTEP at 111 W University Avenue in west El Paso during a nursing training conference.

The man accused in this case was identified as David Monastere. 

The suit filed against the owners and operators of the Hilton Garden Inn El Paso University Hotel and employee Monastere states that Monastere “methodically planned the upskirting of over a dozen female nurses during a conference held at the hotel.”  

The nurses’ attorney, Cesar Ornelas, stated that Monastere had prior convictions for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, unlawful restraint, and assault causing bodily injury. Ornelas maintains that the Hilton Garden Inn hired Monastere despite being aware of his record and knowing his criminal history. 

Before executing his plan, Monastere took photos of the nurse’s conference IDs to gather their personal information. He also labeled a ‘single use’ restroom as a ‘women’s restroom’ in a strategic attempt at directing the nurses to the private bathroom where he could record them in the restroom.

Eventually, one woman located the hidden restroom camera and immediately reported it to the hotel management. The suit maintains that the staff allowed Monastere to take the time to gather his belongings and leave the premises before the arrival of the El Paso police. 

Monastere was arrested weeks later, on April 16, and charged with nine counts of invasive visual recording, according to jail records. However, he was released from jail six days after his arrest.

In a statement announcing the lawsuit’s filing, Ornelas called Monastere, an “animal who belongs in prison.”

The lawsuit also alleges that Monastere had videos of other victims on his cellphone of recordings taken weeks before.

Attorney Cesar Ornelas stated that “This is some of the most disgusting, damaging and horrific abuse a man can inflict on a woman, and Defendant Monastere is alleged to have victimized countless women in this manner, in this instance and previous instances,” Ornelas said. “This animal belongs in prison, but until then, my firm, Cesar Ornelas Law, will hold him, the hotel, and its owners and investors accountable for the irreversible trauma they have caused these victims – nurses serving on the frontlines of COVID. I encourage any other victims to contact law enforcement immediately and our firm to join the other brave thirteen women standing up to their abuser.”


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