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  • March 23, 2023

    Is It Legal to Drive a Truck Without a Truck Bed?

    A pickup without a bed is called a box delete, as the bed of a truck is also known as a box. You can drive a truck without a bed, but you need to add some safety gear. Otherwise, you’ll be pulled over by the police. A truck without a bed may also be referred to as a chassis cab or a half-truck. This type of vehicle allows you to upfit customized equipment to the cab of the truck instead of a bed. In many cases, the truck may show nothing mo...

  • January 26, 2023

    Insurance Companies Involved in Big Truck Accidents

    A big truck accident is one scary event, especially if you’re in a car and collide with the giant. Not only can you become severely injured, but you may also have a lifetime of medical problems. Even if a big-rig rolls over, it can end in a fatality or a life-changing injury for the driver. When these types of accidents happen, the truck company’s or trucker’s insurance company is usually the go-to source for financial recovery. How...

  • January 20, 2023

    Average Payout for an 18-wheeler Accident in Texas 

    When a large and heavy 18-wheeler truck hits a smaller vehicle – such as a sedan, pick-up truck, or SUV – it is typically the occupants of the smaller vehicle who suffer serious injuries. When truck drivers speed up and violate other rules of the road, they greatly increase their chances of causing an accident that leads to devastating injuries. Truck accident victims who suffer injuries due to another driver’s negligence may be eligibl...

  • October 19, 2021

    Dangers of Parking on Highway Shoulders

    We have all seen 18-wheelers parked on the shoulder of a highway while driving to work or taking a road trip. It happens so frequently on interstate-10 traveling to or from San Antonio that it would not be uncommon to see six or seven 18-wheelers pulled over on the highway's shoulder. Is it illegal for 18-wheelers or commercial trucks to park there? More specifically, is the shoulder lane available for everyone to park on? The answers to these q...

  • August 31, 2021

    Everything You Need To Know About Free Consultations

    Make Sure to get an Injury Consultation early At Cesar Ornelas Law, we receive phone calls from personal injury victims who speak to an attorney for the first time several months after an accident. By then, we often find that the damage to their case has been done. At this point, the insurance company has already received the benefits for the defendant. One of the biggest mistakes personal injury victims make is assuming that the insurance c...

  • July 15, 2021

    4 Tips for Safely Passing 18 Wheelers on the Highway

    4 Tips for Safely Passing 18 Wheelers on the Highway Sharing the road with 18 wheelers can be pretty daunting, especially when you’re passing them. While it may seem to car drivers that truck drivers rule the road, 72% of accidents between passenger vehicles and 18 wheelers are caused by car drivers. This is because many drivers don’t understand the extra caution required to drive safely near large trucks. Luckily, we at Cesar Ornelas Law a...

  • June 29, 2021

    Semi Truck Rolls Over to a Gas Station on the Northeast Side

    San Antonio, TX Semi Truck Rolls Over to a Gas Station on the Northeast Side A semi-truck driver suffered several severe injuries after rolling over at a gas station on Monday morning. Three people in total were transported to a local hospital, according to the San Antonio police department. The truck flipped over around 10:30 a.m. at the Shell station, located on O’Connor Road and I-35. At noon, The San Antonio Police Department gave ...

  • January 6, 2021

    Hidden Injuries After a Car Accident

    Hidden Injuries After a Car Accident Anyone can be involved in an accident. If you are fortunate enough, you may walk out perfectly fine or with very minor injuries. Whether the car wreck injuries can be seen or not, it is always essential that you get a medical checkup to confirm, hidden injuries take longer to be discovered, and they are severe. According to a Traffic Surveillance Report by Statista, approximately 6.7 million passenger vehic...

  • October 30, 2020

    How Daylight Savings Time Affects Driving

    How Daylight Savings Time Affects Driving As daylight savings time comes to an end, and winter brings fewer hours of daylight, drivers will be spending more time driving in the dark. The extra hour of sleep is accompanied by an increase in time spent driving in low light conditions, which is why the possibility of crashes goes up. The National Safety Council has found that traffic totalities are three times higher after dark, which means that i...

  • June 24, 2020

    What About Truck Safety Systems?

    What About Truck Safety Systems? There are current truck safety systems that are helping to save lives and reduce costs, but new systems are making the future look even more promising for increased safety and lower insurance pricing. Many of the improvements have occurred through advancements in sensor and camera technologies, paving the way for the next generation of vehicle safety technologies. Most common truck safety system features t...


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