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  • February 21, 2024

    What Are the Common Injuries Sustained in Truck Accidents?

    Thousands of people are injured, and others die every year in truck accidents on Texas roads, as reported by the Texas Department of Transportation. Due to the significant weight and size of commercial trucks, collisions involving trucks in El Paso can leave victims with severe injuries, which may have a devastating impact on victims and their families.  Have you suffered injuries following a truck accident in El Paso, Texas? It is always ad...

  • August 31, 2021

    Everything You Need To Know About Free Consultations

    Make Sure to get an Injury Consultation early At Cesar Ornelas Law, we receive phone calls from personal injury victims who speak to an attorney for the first time several months after an accident. By then, we often find that the damage to their case has been done. At this point, the insurance company has already received the benefits for the defendant. One of the biggest mistakes personal injury victims make is assuming that the insurance c...

  • February 24, 2021

    18-Wheeler and Train Collide in Central Texas

    Injured in an 18 Wheeler Accident? Cesar Ornelas Can Help. Cameron, TX Early on the morning of February 23rd, 2021 in a town north of Austin, a train transporting oil tankers was involved in a large explosion. Although the official cause of the collision is still under investigation, an 18 wheeler truck seems to have swerved to avoid a car waiting at the railroad crossing and collided with the train. On impact, the oil tanker exploded caus...

  • February 12, 2021

    Texas Tips for Driving On Icy Roads

    Texas Tips for Driving on Icy Roads Even though Texas winters can be relatively mild, it only takes one cold blast to change the game entirely. Temperatures plummet, roads form ice and drivers become vulnerable in an instant. We all believe the worst will never happen to us, but with over 3,000 miles of highway alone in Texas, the risk is high. For over 100 drivers near Fort Worth, the worst happened on February 11th before the sun had even ris...

  • January 20, 2021

    6 Tips for Driving in Rainy Weather

    Texas is known for its extreme weather variations, from triple-digit heat to pouring rain. Because Texas drivers usually don’t deal with rainy driving conditions on a regular basis, it’s essential to remember these safety tips for when you do find yourself driving in the rain. Slow Down Wet roads are dangerous, and your car has a slower reaction time on wet surfaces. While it’s tempting to drive at your normal speed, you should be drivin...

  • January 15, 2021

    What to Do After a Car Accident

    Getting in a car accident can be shocking and paralyzing, leaving you searching for the next step to take. But the aftermath of an accident doesn’t have to be confusing. If you’re in a wreck, follow these steps to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Get to a Safe Place The first thing you should do immediately after a collision is to get to a safe place. If you can move your car, drive to a well-lit, public place nearby, especi...

  • January 6, 2021

    Hidden Injuries After a Car Accident

    Hidden Injuries After a Car Accident Anyone can be involved in an accident. If you are fortunate enough, you may walk out perfectly fine or with very minor injuries. Whether the car wreck injuries can be seen or not, it is always essential that you get a medical checkup to confirm, hidden injuries take longer to be discovered, and they are severe. According to a Traffic Surveillance Report by Statista, approximately 6.7 million passenger vehic...

  • December 16, 2020

    When Can You Open a Car Wreck Lawsuit

    Recently involved in an auto accident? If so, you might be wondering: what kind of car wreck can you sue for? or, should I open a car wreck lawsuit? These questions will likely be the first of many. A knowledgeable, expert car wreck attorney has the answers you need and the expertise necessary to sue successfully. Below, we take a look at some of the most critical factors, along with some of the most commonly asked questions in the aftermath of ...

  • November 10, 2020

    Street Racing Causes Wrongful death

    San Antonio, TX Street Racing Accident Causes Wrongful Death Two street racing cars were racing down the streets of San Antonio weaving through traffic when a motorcyclist was trapped in the middle of the two cars. The motorcyclist rear-ended a car as a result. The street racers ran off and the dust settled, but the motorcyclist was pronounced dead. Sadly, this is just one story of many that happen in San Antonio because of reckless drivers wh...

  • October 30, 2020

    How Daylight Savings Time Affects Driving

    How Daylight Savings Time Affects Driving As daylight savings time comes to an end, and winter brings fewer hours of daylight, drivers will be spending more time driving in the dark. The extra hour of sleep is accompanied by an increase in time spent driving in low light conditions, which is why the possibility of crashes goes up. The National Safety Council has found that traffic totalities are three times higher after dark, which means that i...


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