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  • November 10, 2020

    Street Racing Causes Wrongful death

    San Antonio, TX Street Racing Accident Causes Wrongful Death Two street racing cars were racing down the streets of San Antonio weaving through traffic when a motorcyclist was trapped in the middle of the two cars. The motorcyclist rear-ended a car as a result. The street racers ran off and the dust settled, but the motorcyclist was pronounced dead. Sadly, this is just one story of many that happen in San Antonio because of reckless drivers wh...

  • June 12, 2020

    El Paso Ranks 5th in Safest US Large Cities

    El Paso Ranks 5th in Safest US Large Cities El Paso ranks 5th in the safest US large city.  Other Texas cities, included Fort Worth, which ranked 13th, Austin at 15th and Arlington at 16th. Other large cities in the top five are: Virginia Beach, Virginia, at No. 1 Henderson, Nevada, at No. 2 San Diego at No. 3 and New York City at No. 4 AdvisorSmith, which offers business advice and research, released a new study, “Safest Ci...