Airbags Can Cause Injuries

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims frontal airbags alone have saved more than 50,450 lives from 1987 to 2017. That is enough lives to fill a major league baseball stadium. Frontal airbags, as well as side airbags, are made to deploy upon moderate to severe crashes. They are known to deploy even in a minor crash. Also, airbags are supplemental safety features that are to be used in concurrence with seatbelts, not in place of them; however, airbags can cause injuries.

Because airbags activate very quickly–within the blink of an eye–serious or fatal consequences can occur if the driver or passenger is sitting too close or is hit forcefully and directly by the airbag whenever it initially deploys.

Airbags can only be used one time. Therefore, they need to be replaced immediately after a crash by an authorized auto dealership before you drive your car again. There are many sources that replace airbags with counterfeit or faulty bags or do not install the bags adequately. This is too dangerous. Having the replacement done correctly could save your life or a passenger’s.

These vital safety devices can cause injuries instead of preventing them. Some airbag injuries can be devastating, leaving scarring and disfigurement that can negatively impact one’s life. Some of these results can be:

  • Eye injuries. Loss of vision or even loss of the eye itself may occur from a full impact of the deploying airbag or as an eye comes in contact with the chemicals used to make the device.
  • Dental injuries. The force of a deploying airbag is significant enough to break a jawbone or loosen or knock out teeth.
  • Facial injuries. The face can suffer broken facial bones and chemical burns that cause major scarring. These types of injuries often require extensive reconstructive surgeries.

Airbag disfigurement injuries can be compensated for their resulting physical and emotional pain and suffering. Any injury-related losses can be claimed by the victim, such as loss of confidence, loss of job and income, loss of enjoyment of life, and reduced quality of life.

It is imperative that you or your loved one contact an injury lawyer immediately after the accident, even before you contact your insurance, if possible. An experienced, capable attorney will give you the advice you need to deal with your insurance and to get the compensation you need and deserve. The attorney will determine whether you are entitled to a settlement/ compensation, and if so, how much the amount should be for your individual case. Some facts to consider are as follows:

  • Location of the scar or disfigurement. Scars that are visible are likely to receive more compensation than scars that can be easily hidden under clothing.
  • The victim’s age. You are likely to receive more compensation if you are younger since you will be living a longer period with the disfigurement than an older victim.
  • The scar’s severity and if it is permanent. Greater compensation will be given if your prominent scarring is not likely to fade or improve with time.

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