Who is Responsible for Accidents Involving a Company Car?

If you’ve been in an accident with someone driving a company car or driving one yourself, it’s important to understand your rights and who is responsible. Car wrecks involving company vehicles can be complicated, but Cesar Ornelas Law is here to make it easy. Here are a few things to consider.

Who is at Fault?

As always, if you are at fault in an accident with someone driving a company car, you are responsible for any expenses. However, if you are at fault as a company car driver, the company is usually responsible for paying expenses through its insurance, not you.

This is because of a legal doctrine called “respondeat superior,” which means that the party responsible has vicarious liability for the actions of their agents. In this case, this means that the company is responsible for anything that happens because of its employees. In the vast majority of company car accidents, the company carries the liability instead of the driver.

Correct Use

If you get in an accident driving a company car for personal use, you have the same rights you would in any car accident. That means you can still claim compensation if you were on your way to or from your workplace. Be sure to read your company’s personal use policy carefully before using your company car outside of work hours to be sure you are still covered by insurance and company policies.

Claiming Compensation

Claiming compensation for damages after an accident involving a company car is very similar to normal accidents. You and your personal injury lawyer compile a list of damages, and the company’s car insurance company either settles by paying you or (rarely) the case goes to court.

If you are a company driver injured in an accident in a company car, you may be entitled to worker’s compensation. You have the right to make a claim as long as you were injured during work hours or driving to and from work using the car.

If you’ve been injured in an accident with a company car, whether you were driving it or not, you may require legal representation to ensure you are properly compensated by the company’s insurance.

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