2 Killed in Natural Gas Line Explosion in Texas

Farmersville, TX

2 Killed in Natural Gas Line Explosion in Texas

Two people in Farmersville, Texas, were killed and three injured in a natural gas pipeline explosion in Texas, officials said.

The fatal explosion occurred around 4 p.m. Monday at an Atmos Energy facility in Collin Country near Farmersville, a city located about 35 miles northeast of Dallas. Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner said the deadly blast appeared to be an accident, but he contacted the FBI to investigate.

Officials say that what caused the blast was not immediately known. 

Contractors for Atmos Energy were those involved in the explosion. The Collin County Sheriff’s Office said Monday night that the contractors were Bobcat Contracting and Fesco Petroleum Engineering employees. Two of the injured were taken to the hospital. 

When the explosion happened, the workers were servicing a gas line, according to Farmersville police Chief Mike Sullivan via WFAA-TV. The Princeton and Farmersville fire departments, Collin County EMS, and multiple other local law enforcement agencies responded to the explosion. 

“Our prayers are with those who were affected by the events in Farmersville, Texas, today,” Atmos Energy said in a statement, “Out of respect for their privacy, we are not releasing any names or additional details at this stage,” the statement added.

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Officials: 2 killed in natural gas line explosion in Texas | ABC News

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