18-Wheelers Can Deliver Accidents

Commercial trucks also tagged 18-wheelers, are vital to the United States’ economy and overall well-being.

That is an understatement, however, these vehicles may have saved many of our citizens from starving during the COVID-19 crisis. Food, as well as other essential supplies, have been delivered throughout our country by truck drivers while most of our land has been experiencing a lockdown and a great loss of revenue but unfortunately, 18-wheelers can deliver accidents as well.

While truckers and their services to our country are much appreciated, we cannot avoid the fact that large, heavy trucks cause about 130,000 injuries in our country every year. The accidents involving 18-wheelers and other big trucks can have serious outcomes. Here are some statistics:

  • There are approximately 2 million big-rig trucks in the U.S.
  • Yearly there are about 500,000 accidents involving an 18-wheeler.
  • Related to that number of accidents, an estimated 5,000 result in death.

Our Texas highways are bustling 24/7 with 18-wheelers. Perhaps our high number of annual injuries and fatalities involving these trucks is due to our state’s large size (more miles of highways), but in most years, the fatal accidents near 300 with more than 2,000 related injuries.

  • For every 15,000 trucking accidents, there are over 2,000 injuries and nearly 300 deaths.
  • In other words, this is about one injury for every seven accidents and one death for every 50 accidents.

Did you know that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has mandated all commercial trucks and 18-wheelers to carry electronic logging devices (ELDs)? These devices log the number of hours a driver spends behind the wheel. This log helps to ensure the trucker complies with laws limiting the number of consecutive hours he/she can drive. Many 18-wheelers are also equipped with an event data recorder (EDR). These devices are similar to the “black boxes” installed in airplanes to record events leading up to an accident, including speed, location, and brake usage. Such information can be obtained to see if it helps your case.

Whenever there is a truck-passenger vehicle collision, frequently the result is serious injuries or deaths. Consequently, insurers are disinclined to pay damages without a fight. If you or a loved one is found to be a victim in this type of accident, you could greatly benefit from the professional advice and representation of an experienced, reputable, Texas truck accident attorney. Your attorney can determine the cause of the accident, name potentially liable parties, negotiate with the insurance company, and take your case to trial if necessary. More than likely, you will be facing the trucking company lawyers who are mainly looking after their client’s interests. Don’t settle for less than you need and deserve.

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