18-Wheeler and Train Collide in Central Texas

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Early on the morning of February 23rd, 2021 in a town north of Austin, a train transporting oil tankers was involved in a large explosion. Although the official cause of the collision is still under investigation, an 18 wheeler truck seems to have swerved to avoid a car waiting at the railroad crossing and collided with the train. On impact, the oil tanker exploded causing a fire.

Though all drivers were uninjured from the explosion, a nearby house was burned down due to the fire. People living in the surrounding area were evacuated as a precaution to the fire as well as one of the train cars that was carrying sulfuric acid. Luckily, this train car was unaffected by the fire and was able to safely contain the hazardous material.

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Commercial trucks may provide an essential service to our country, but they can be very dangerous. Over 130,000 injuries in the US are caused by large truck accidents. Large commercial truck collisions often result in injuries or fatalities too. Combined with another dangerous vehicle – a train carrying oil tanks for example – the situation can quickly cause injury and claim lives.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an 18 wheeler accident or explosion, you will need an experienced, successful injury lawyer to help you bear the burden of lost income, mounting medical bills, and other expenses caused by your injuries.

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